Chesapeake College Governance

Board of Trustees
M. Catherine Poe, Chair
Don W. Bradley, Vice Chair

Blenda Armistead
Jennifer C. Doege
Vaughn D. Evans, Sr.
Thomas M. Groce, Jr.

Matthew D. Hogans
L. Nash McMahan
Margaret Myers
Michael E. Pelczar, M.D.

Detailed information about our Board of Trustees


President --
Dr. Barbara A. Viniar

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Economic Development --
Kathryn A. Barbour

Vice President for Technology and Academic Support
Douglass P. Gray

Vice President for Administrative Services --
Timothy Jones

Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Services --
Richard D. Midcap

Vice President for Institutional Advancement --
Lucille Hughes

Dean of Learning Resources/Academic Support Services --
Chandra Gigliotti-Guridi

Director Human Resources --
Susan Cianchetta

Director of Facilities --
Anthony Patterson

Dean for Career and Professional Studies --
Maureen Gilmartin

Director of Institutional Planning, Research & Assessment --
Vincent Maruggi

Dean for Recruitment Services --
Kathleen J. Petrichenko

Dean of Continuing Education & Workforce Training --
Michael Dugan

Dean for Retention Services --
Joan M. Seitzer

Dean for Liberal Arts and Sciences --
Dr. Eleanor Welsh

Kathleen J. Petrichenko,
Dean for Recruitment Services
(410) 822-5400, ext. 257