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   Academic Assessment Best Practices

                                                              Student Affairs Assessment Best Practices



Are we accomplishing what we have set out to do?

Assessment is the systematic process that allows us to determine the answer to this question!



The following are examples of assessment best practices in the area of Academic Affairs


►The University of Massachusetts Amherst Office of Academic Planning and Assessment has developed a comprehensive handbook entitled Course-Based Review and Assessment: Methods for Understanding Student Learning to guide the practitioner through the steps of student learning assessment at the course level.


►The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) has some great examples of course-level assessment projects and outcomes at CCBCs website includes information about General Education Assessment along with course-level, program-level, and institutional-level assessment.


►The Long Beach City College (LBCC), has developed a comprehensive Outcomes Assessment webpage that highlights both student learning outcomes and service unit outcomes. Examples of course, program, and institutional level student learning outcomes assessment are presented. LBCC includes white papers on topics such as adjunct faculty participation in assessment and assessment of student learning outcomes vs. grades.