Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness (IPRE) Office

About Assessment

Chesapeake College is committed to improving student learning and offering a quality educational experience. The Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness(IPRE) is committed to supporting institutional, program and course-level assessment.

Per Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), an accredited institution's required role will be to demonstrate assessment results that provide sufficient, convincing evidence of the following attributes or activities:

  • students are achieving key institutional and program learning outcomes;
  • student learning assessment information is shared, discussed and is used to improve teaching and learning; and
  • documented use of student learning assessment information as part of institutional assessment.

Meeting this commitment, this website provides reports and resources to foster a culture of assessment and best practices to increase institutional effectiveness.

General Assessment Documents

Filename Description File type
Assessment FAQs.pdf Frequently asked question about assessment PDF
Assessment Glossary.pdf Terms and definitions associated with assessment PDF
Learning Outcomes Domains.pdf Domains: Affective, Cognitive, Psychomotor PDF
Writing a Student Learning Outcome.pdf Checklist for writing student learning outcomes PDF

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