Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness (IPRE) Office

Institutional Level Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness Goals

  1. Monitor the teaching and learning environment to enhance student learning and success.
  2. To implement course, program, and institutional improvement based on assessment results.
  3. Monitor institutional support services to enhance effectiveness and customer service.
  4. To periodically, objectively, and systematically evaluate institutional effectiveness.
  5. To objectively evaluate the planning, assessment and budgeting processes to ensure they are comprehensive and effective.

Institutional-level assessment activities are conducted through the college's long-range plans and divisional plans, listed below. The President delivers monthly strategic planning progress updates to the college's governing board to inform members on institutional effectiveness. Annually, the Director of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness gives a comprehensive report to the Board, which assesses performance of 32 State Performance Indicators monitoring institutional performance in: Access and Affordability; Quality and Effectiveness: Student Satisfaction, Progress and Achievement; Diversity; Economic Growth and Vitality, Workforce Development; Community Outreach and Impact; and Effective Use of Public Funding.

Each college vice president is in charge of a divisional plan that monitors performance of institutional indicators and tracks progress made through action plans linked to the college’s strategic plan.

  • Student Learning Outcomes Divisional Plan
    This plan focuses on formative and summative assessment results at the course, program and institutional level designed to improve student success and student learning.
  • Enrollment Management Divisional Plan
    This plan focuses on student enrollment and retention, with performance indicators ensuring equal access to all service region citizens.
  • Administrative Services Divisional Plan
    This plan focuses on human resources, facilities and space management.
  • Technology Divisional Plan
    This plan focuses on the purchase, installation, maintenance and staffing to support the college's technological infrastructure.
  • Continuing Education and Workforce Training Divisional Plan
    This plan focuses on workforce training, adult basic education programs, English Speakers of Other Languages programs, general education and Kid on Campus programs.
  • Institutional Advancement Divisional Plan
    This plan focuses on fund raising and grant administration.

Institutional Level Assessment Documents

Filename Description File type
Assessment Instruments_Updated June 2013_ver2.pdf Assessment Instruments/Measures Used at the College PDF
Chesapeake College Planning Assessment and Budgeting Plan 082313.pdf Chesapeake College's Planning, Assessment and Budgeting Plan PDF
Chesapeake College Student Learning Outcomes.pdf Competencies for Chesapeake Graduates PDF
EndorsedAssessmentPrinciples_0713.pdf Principles for Effective Assessment of Student Achievement PDF
Long-Range Planning Calendar_082513.pdf Long-Range Planning Calendar PDF

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