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Program Level Assessment

Chesapeake College's Academic Program Review Goals
Chesapeake College's Academic Program Review process was reviewed, modified and approved by the Academic Program and Curricula Committee (APC) in spring 2009. Academic Program Review process is designed to provide program faculty the opportunity to:

  1. Perform an internal evaluation of the current program and services offered.
  2. Assess program and student learning outcomes.
  3. Ensure course content and methodology are meeting the needs of both the students and the community.
  4. Ensure course content and methodology are prepared to meet the future needs of the students and the community.
  5. Measure alignment of the program with the college mission.

Academic Program Review is not:

  • A method by which to rank/compare programs
  • A process resulting in punitive actions toward faculty/staff

The following information presented is intended to provide faculty with tools, information and an institutional process for making, monitoring and assessing program modifications and improvements.

Program Level Assessment Documents

Filename Description File type
Academic Program Review Feedback Form.docx Use to give feedback to Academic Program Review Word
Academic Program Review Template.docx Report Template for Academic Program Review Word
Gen Ed Program Overview.pdf Vision, Mission, Goals, & Student Learning Outcomes PDF

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