Chesapeake College Mission Statement

Chesapeake College's core commitment is to prepare students from diverse communities to excel in further education and employment in a global society.

We put students first, offering transformative educational experiences. Our programs and services are comprehensive, responsive and affordable.

The college is a catalyst for regional economic development and sustainability and a center for personal enrichment and the arts.

The college offers a large selection of credit and continuing education offerings designed to help students prepare for transfer to upper level institutions, for immediate entry into a career, or for enhancing work-related skills. Beyond the curricula, the college offers many opportunities for further academic, social, personal, cultural, and athletic development through a rich variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

To enhance student learning and to promote teaching excellence, the college commits to providing a supportive learning environment characterized by a dedicated, caring and highly qualified faculty and staff. The college offers all employees professional development opportunities that are aligned with goals outlined in its Strategic Plan. Through these commitments, the college nurtures a community of lifelong learners among faculty, staff and students.

In addition, the college embraces its commitment to regional economic and community development that will improve the quality of life by acting on the following:

  • Support workforce development by providing the courses and training needed to build a skilled labor force.
  • Enhance enjoyment and appreciation of the arts by incorporating cultural activities into the curriculum and bringing fine and performing arts events to the region.
  • Sponsor a broad range of community and civic activities that reflect the collegeís role as a community-learning center.
  • Extend access to baccalaureate and graduate degree programs for Upper Shore residents through inter-institutional partnerships.


Full 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Chesapeake College will harness the talent and resources necessary for students, employees, and citizens of the region to thrive as individuals and as contributors to their communities and to society.