2014-2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2013
Final Approved Strategic Plan

The Chesapeake College Board of Trustees unanimously approved in July 2013 a strategic plan covering the next five years that President Barbara Viniar called "ambitious and forward-looking."

The plan - Charting the Course: Chesapeake College 2014-18 Strategic Plan - is built around six strategic goals supported by a total of 27 strategies, each underpinned by priority actions. It will be evaluated through a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will facilitate regular assessment of the college's strides in successfully implementing the plan.

The plan's six strategic goals are:

  • Transform the student learning experience;
  • Strengthen the regional economy;
  • Improve student goal attainment;
  • Grow enrollment;
  • Advance environmental sustainability;
  • Build the resources to advance the college mission.