Academic Departments

The college has two credit academic divisions, Arts & Sciences and Career & Professional Studies. Direct supervision for the programs under each division is the responsibility of the academic dean. In addition, the Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Training (non-credit offerings) and the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center (upper division courses) provide a range of courses and programs to meet the educational needs of residents of the Eastern Shore. All academic programs fall under the supervision of Dr. Richard Midcap, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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Academic Affairs Division:
Dr. Richard Midcap
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Phone: 410-827-5858  Email:

Academic Assessment
Staci Garrison, Director

Office - Technology Building, T-120
Phone: 410-827-3414 Email:

Division of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Eleanor Welsh, Dean
Division Office - Science Building, S-124
Phone: 410-827-5847

ARTS & LETTERS DEPARTMENT: Dr. Mark Steinberg, Chair
Areas of Study:
Art, Developmental English, Credit English, English as a Second Language, Film, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Theatre
English Jeremy Crowe C-202D x2384
Linda Earls T-116 x2316
Teri Floyd-Brumm C-202C x2359
Sherri Foster C-202C x2285
Greshen Gaines T-114 x2315
David Harper C-205E x2326
Juliet Smith C-202B x2284
Marc Steinberg S-118 x2235
Fine Arts / Humanities William Thomas C-209C x2206
Robert Thompson H-117 x2277
MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Dr. Kamal Hennayake, Chair
Areas of Study:
Developmental Math, Credit Math
  Vann R. Crucillo CAMB x2278
  Gregory Dempsey H-123 x2256
  Kamal Hennayake H-127 x2312
  Patricia Lambdin H-117 x2329
  Sarah Sewell H-122 x2296
  Courtney Sykes H-123 x2333
  Spencer Wilder H-119 x2328
SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Dr. David Maase, Chair
Areas of Study:
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Physical Anthropology, Physical Geography, Science
  Heather Cunningham S-122 x2262
  Tammy Field CAMB x2609
  Matthew Hatkoff S-116 x2346
  David Maase S-126 x2307
  Elizabeth O'Connor S-119 x2310
  Kimberly Smoloski S-120 x2305
Areas of Study:
Communication, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Geography, Early Childhood, History, Human Services, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Teacher Education
Communication: Amy Childs H-125 x2331
Preston Coleman C-202E x2380
Amber McGinnis C-205A x2604
Education Sarah Ross HEC-103D x2327
Deanna Stock HEC-103E x2313
History / Social Science Nevin Crouse S-117 x2317
Shannon Fleishman S-123 x2308
John Haas C-205C x2330
Jennifer Hawley C-205B x2205
Rebecca Mullen H-118 x2208
Ruth Plinke H-130 x2281
Christine Schuette H-128 x2335
Herbert Ziegler S-121 x2334

Division of Career & Professional Studies
Ms. Maureen Gilmartin, Dean

Division Office - Health Professions and Athletics Center, Room 203B
Phone: 410-827-5842

Areas of Study:
Accounting, Agribusiness, Agriculture/Environmental Studies, Business, Career Planning, Crime Scene Technician, Economics, Landscape Design/Management, Law Enforcement, Paralegal Studies
Accounting / Business: Gwen Buxbaum T-117 x2351
Larry Hearn HPAC-203E x2349
Catherine Rust T-117 x2225
Career Planning / Cooperative Education Cindy Bennett C-205D x2315
Criminal Justice / Paralegal Studies Bridget Lowrie C-211C x2348
Areas of Study:
Computer Information Security, Computer Information Systems, Drafting & Design, Electronics, Food Service, Geographic Information Systems, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Interactive Media & Web Design, Microcomputer Applications, PC & Network Management, Technology, Welding
Criminal Justice: Corrections, Law Enforcement, Crime Scene Technician
Computer Studies: Diana Hill T-110 x2383
HEALTH & WELLNESS DEPARTMENT: Dr. Carol Wilson-Robbins, Chair
Areas of Study:
Allied Health, Cardiac Rescue (CRT), NRP, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fitness & Wellness, Health, Nutrition, Medical Terminology, Phlebotomy, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Sciences, Surgical Technology,
CRT, EMS, NRP Jon Longest HPAC-203C 410-822-5400 x2724
Health & Wellness: Carol Wilson-Robbins HPAC-203D x2363
Physical Therapist Assistant Dave Thomas AACC 410-777-7039
Radiologic Sciences Linda Blythe HPAC-203J x5927
Mary Beth Bailey HPAC-203H x2706
Surgical Technology Karen Jones HPAC-203F x2712
NURSING DEPARTMENT: Dr. Judith Stetson, Chair
Areas of Study:
Nursing Education
  Sedonna Brown HPAC-220D x2709
  Katherine Baumgartner HPAC-220G x2701
  Crystel Farina HPAC-220A x2716
  Holly Hayman HPAC-220H x2719
  Robin Seal-Whitlock HPAC-220E x2713
  Jodi Stein HPAC-220C x2702
  Judy Stetson HPAC-203M x5935
  Heather Westerfield HPAC-220I x2703