Getting Started

Visiting Students

I am currently enrolled at another college or university and I wish to take courses at Chesapeake and transfer them back to my home school.

Visiting students are an active part of our community every semester. You are a visiting student if you are currently matriculated at another college or university and wish to attend Chesapeake College on a temporary basis. If you are a resident of Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's, or Talbot County, you may take courses here at a fraction of the cost of your home school while at home for a semester or on summer break. Getting enrolled as a visiting student is easy. Please follow the steps below to ensure an easy enrollment process.

  • Submit your college application to the Office of Admissions. When filling out your admissions application, select "Visiting Student" as your Admissions Status.
  • After you submit your application, ask your home college to provide a Visiting Student Letter granting you permission to enroll in a specific course or courses at Chesapeake College. This letter exempts you from the Academic Skills Assessment test for the semester in which you are applying and allows you to register for classes.
  • Bring your Visiting Student Letter to your advising and registration session. Contact the Office of Student Success at ext. 2240 or 2250 to find out more about open registration periods and registration procedures for visiting students.
  • Once you register for classes, make sure you pay for your classes by the semester payment deadline date to avoid being dropped from your class(es).
  • If you would like to meet with an academic advisor, call ext. 2250 for more information.