CTE (Career and Technology Education) Program
Articulation Agreement

Chesapeake College and Kent County Public Schools

High School Program

High School Courses Requiring Grade of "B" or Better

Articulated College Program and Major Code

Next College Course Requiring a Grade of "C" or Better - Gateway Course

Articulated Courses (College credit will be given for the courses below IF all requirements have been met)

Teacher Education Academy of Maryland


Human Growth & Development

Teaching as a Profession

Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction

Education Academy Internship

Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education AAT Degree (305)

EDU 210 - Introduction to Special Education (3 credits)

EDU 101 - Foundations of Education (3 credits)

Food and Beverage Management (ProStart)


Food Service Preparation I

Food Service Preparation II

Hotel/Restaurant Management: Food Service Management Certificate (655)

FSM 103 - Food Preparation I (3 credits)

FSM 101 - Sanitation, Safety & First Aid (3 credits)

FSM 102 - Culinary Fundamentals (3 credits)

For more information, please call the Office of Admissions at 410-822-5400, 410-758-1537, or 410-228-4360 ext. 2240 or 2287.