AFI meeting 10-7-03 - collage of photosAdjunct Faculty Advisory Committee
The Adjunct Faculty Advisory (AFA) Committee works to improve communications with and provide support for Adjunct faculty members. You are welcome to attend committee meetings and become an active member of this group. If you would be willing to serve on this Committee, or would like more information about its charge, please read AFA Committee Purpose Statement and see the list of the Current AFA Committee Members.

Current AFA Committee Members


Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee
(Source: The Chesapeake College Faculty/Staff Manual, FY 07, 8.1.2, Section K.)

The purpose of the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee is to enhance communication between the full-time faculty and adjunct faculty and to facilitate the teaching experience of adjunct faculty at Chesapeake College.

  1. Areas of Responsibility
    1. Develop and maintain the Adjunct Faculty Handbook.
    2. Develop policies and procedures to enhance adjunct faculty performance in the classroom.
    3. Develop procedures to provide for faculty access to supplies and equipment needed by adjunct faculty.
    4. To identify and advocate opportunities for faculty development for adjunct faculty.
    5. Survey adjunct faculty to determine the areas of strengths and weaknesses of the services provided to them.
    6. Develop solutions to problems reported to the committee or identified through the survey process.
    7. Encourage participation in faculty governance and contact with full time faculty.
    8. Provide support to the Adjunct Faculty Liaison.
  2. The Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee will consist of at least three full-time faculty and two adjunct faculty members, one from each division. The Adjunct Faculty Liaison will act as an ex-officio member of the committee.