Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee
The Adjunct Faculty Advisory (AFA) Committee works to improve communications with and provide support for Adjunct faculty members. You are welcome to attend committee meetings and become an active member of this group. If you would be willing to serve on this Committee, or would like more information about its charge, please read AFA Committee Purpose Statement and see the list of the Current AFA Committee Members.
Current AFI Committee Members
  Name Title or Teaching Area Email Phone/Ext.
Ex Officio Members Kathryn Barbour Vice President for Academic Services 5832
Willie Woods Dean for Liberal Arts & Sciences 5874
Maureen Gilmartin Dean for Career and Technology 5842
Jackie Potter Executive Director for Continuing Education and Workforce Training 5834
Doug Gray Chief Technology Officer 5830
Cathy Sewell Director of the Academic Suport Center; Adjunct Faculty Liaison 368
Full Time Faculty Members Anita Tecce Associate Professor of Drama/Communications 278
Dee McConaughy Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Development 359
Mary Lou Malone Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology 343