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Glessner tapped to lead Skipjack netters
New coach was recent, two-sport standout for Chesapeake

WYE MILLS – Three years ago, Jordan Glessner led Chesapeake College to the regional Final Four in women’s volleyball. She’s back at Chesapeake, hoping to guide the program to similar success as the Skipjacks’ new head coach.

"I guess I always thought I would be a coach," said Glessner, who recently graduated from Salisbury University. "I just didn’t think I’d start out at a college. I’m looking forward to the challenge – it will be good to work with kids who want to be here as part of our program."

Frank Szymanski, Chesapeake College’s athletic director, said Glessner is the ideal candidate to lead the program.

"Jordan has great leadership skills, she’s an excellent communicator, and she has a plan for building her program," said Szymanski.

Szymanski said Glessner’s recent experience as a junior college athlete – she was selected to all-region teams in both volleyball and softball, and helped the Skipjacks win a region softball championship in 2009 – will be a significant asset.

"Jordan has been where her players are and can guide them on a successful path in the classroom, on the court, and in the community," said Szymanski.

"I loved it," Glessner said of her experience as a Chesapeake student. "It was a good way to continue playing at a competitive level, and I liked that I was able to work with so many great people at the college. It felt like a close family where everybody looked out for everyone else."

Glessner joins two other former Chesapeake students as head coaches with the Skipjacks. In fact, all of the women’s sports offered by Chesapeake are headed by former student athletes, with Durrie Hayes and Damon Nichols coaching women’s softball and women’s basketball, respectively.

"I think that’s great," said Szymanski. "They all understand the mission of Chesapeake College from the perspective of both players and coaches, and they all know how important Chesapeake is to our community."

"It’s good to see local kids like Jordan go on to college, get their degrees and come back home to teach and coach," said Hayes, who coached Glessner in softball her two years at Chesapeake. "Clearly, Jordan is an athlete who loved to play and wants to convey her knowledge and skills to other local players."

Hayes said upcoming players would be well served by following Glessner’s approach to athletics.

"Jordan always worked hard and always wanted to get better. That is what made her a good softball player and that’s what will make her a good coach," said Hayes. "The kids who only give lip service about working hard simply won’t get better and Jordan is smart enough to weed those players out."

"And she is a winner," added Hayes. "Colonel Richardson was always at or near the very top in both softball with Easton and volleyball with North Caroline. We won the region and played in the softball World Series while she was here at Chesapeake. She knows how to win and her challenge will be to convey that to her players. And I am confident she will be able to do that."

Glessner, who starred at Colonel Richardson High in both volleyball and softball before coming to Chesapeake in 2007, resides in Preston. Potential student athletes who would like to attend Chesapeake this fall and play volleyball can reach Glessner at

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