Parking at the Cambridge Campus

Due to enrollment increases, students may find increased difficulty locating parking in Municipal Lot #2 located directly behind the Chesapeake College Cambridge Center. Other municipal parking lots in downtown Cambridge include:

Municipal Lot #1: This lot is located across the street and to the left from the Race Street entrance, next to and behind the old Jimmy & Sooks Restaurant.

Municipal Lot #3: This lot is located directly across from the District Courthouse. There is a two-hour parking limit.

Municipal Lot #4: This lot is located approximately one block south of the Cambridge Center on Race Street.

Municipal Lot #5: This lot is located adjacent to the Cambridge Center parking lot, but requires entrance from Muir or Academy Street.

As always, students are encouraged to follow basic safety tips . . . Lock your car, take your keys, walk to and from the parking lots with other students whenever possible. Students are welcome to contact the Cambridge Police Department (410-228-3333) if they wish to have an escort to and from an evening class.