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The Communication Major at Chesapeake

At Chesapeake College, Liberal Arts and Sciences (216) is the program of study designed for students wishing to transfer to a four-year college or university in the field of Communication. The program is designed for part and full-time students with academic and/or professional interest in communications, including professional writing, journalism, and mass media.

As an area of emphasis in Liberal Arts and Sciences, this program meets all the General Education Requirements at Chesapeake College. Students successfully completing this major earn an Associate of Arts Degree. The program is based on specific learning outcomes and is comprised of foundation level coursework and general education which meet academic content, outcomes, and requirements of the first two-years of a Communication Studies program. Use the 'Current Classes' link in the side menu to see the current Communications courses offered, with links to the course descriptions.

As with any transfer program of study, students should become familiar with the requirements of the intended transfer institution as early as possible in their studies to make sure they are following the most efficient and effective path for transfer and consult with an advisor in making specific course selections. Transfer advising is available.

A sample outline of study taken directly from the college Catalog illustrates how a student might structure his/her course work to graduate within two years. Please note that this does not include any developmental course work that a student might require prior to taking credit math or English courses.

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