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Transfer Options

The Communication major at Chesapeake, Liberal Arts and Sciences 216, is designed as a transfer program. Because colleges and universities can have very different program requirements in the first and second years of study, you will need to research the program requirements of the institution to which transfer is planned. Also, you will need to find out about any specific transfer requirements particular to your chosen institution. For example, your transfer institution may not accept a grade lower than a "C" in certain courses. Because every course you take costs time and money, it's important that you start the transfer process as early as possible.

If you are planning to transfer to a public institution within Maryland, you should consult with Mr. Davidson about using ARTSYS (an articulation system), which will be a tremendous tool in helping you select specific courses at Chesapeake that will transfer to four-year institutions around the state. ARTSYS also features a great tutorial if you would like to explore it by yourself. ARTSYS is located within The Maryland Transport Portal which offers additional general information about transferring. Please note that any college you plan to attend will require an official transcript from Chesapeake. More information about requesting transcripts.

If you are planning to transfer to a private institution within Maryland or to a school in another state, it's a good idea to check out their web sites for their transfer advisor contact information.

If you need help with the transfer advising process at Chesapeake, begin by scheduling an appointment with Chesapeake's Counselor/Transfer Advisor, Jim Davidson, 410-822-5400; 410-758-1537; or 410-228-4360, extension 250. Or, contact Mr. Davidson by email: jdavidson@chesapeake.edu. He will help you plan a strategy to meet requirements so that credits are not lost in transfer. Check Chesapeake's Transfer Advising web page for additional information about transfer advising.

Here are links to some popular Communication transfer choices for Chesapeake students seeking an in-state public institution, along with a link to the recommended transfer coursework to take at Chesapeake from the ARTSYS site:

Salisbury University (SU) - http://www.salisbury.edu/commarts/programs.html#major
Recommended Transfer Program FROM Chesapeake College TO SU

Towson University (TU) - http://www.towson.edu/mccs/program/commmajor.html
Recommended Transfer Program FROM Chesapeake College TO TU

University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) - http://www.comm.umd.edu/
Recommended Transfer Program FROM Chesapeake College TO UMCP

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) - http://www.umuc.edu/programs/undergrad/comm/
Recommended Transfer Program FROM Chesapeake College TO UMUC

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