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Chesapeake College Truck for Training
Professional Truck Driver Training
CDL Class A

Please call for current class schedule

Enroll Now! Contact Joyce Warrington at 410-822-5400 ext. 360 or email at jswarrington@chesapeake.edu or bfaiella@chesapeake.edu

Part 1 - Classroom Instruction

This will provide classroom instruction that will prepare you to successfully pass the CDL tests required to obtain your permit. Sample topics covered:

By the truck

Part 2 - Pretrip and Skills Training

This will train you step by step for the walk around pretrip, including in cab air brakes check and the necessary yard skills to ensure successful completion required by MVA to obtain a CDL license. Also covered:

Behind the wheel instruction

Part 3 - On the Road Instruction

This training will consist of driving, shifting and observation of other student drivers. It will provide behind the wheel instruction from a veteran driver on the quality road skills necessary to maneuver a tractor-trailer in a safe manner in and around a variety of traffic and weather conditions. Also covered:

This is what you learn to drive

CDL Skills and Driving Test

As individuals we all learn at different paces, and to master any one particular skill will vary from student to student. Students are evaluated daily and the instructor will set appointment dates and time for final test.

Our students

Employment Opportunities

We enjoy assisting our graduates with job placement. We invite recruiters from different carriers to make presentations to our students. Many of our students are pre-hired pending completion of course. Over the road carriers currently hiring our graduates are:

A list of local employers is made available to graduates. More information about the Truck Driving Program is available through the Department of Continuing Education located at Chesapeake College's Wye Mills campus. Call or write:
Joyce Warrington
P.O. Box 8, Wye Mills Md. 21679
410-822-5400 ext. 2360

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