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January - July Class Listings (PDF)

Computer Training

The Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Training at Chesapeake College offers various methods of instruction to correspond with the individual learning styles and needs of our student population.

Open Enrollment Computer Courses can be one day, two-day or four-day sessions offered at the Wye Mills Campus or the Cambridge Center. Hours for these courses are varied, as we have determined, to fit the needs of our students. These courses are instructor lead in a modern computer lab with the most current software. For the novice or moderately knowledgeable computer student select the open enrollment course with hands-on instruction and individualized attention.

Bytes, Accelerated Computer Training, is directed to the student who works in an office and has basic knowledge of computer operation and terminology. All of these courses are one-day courses, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 4:15 p.m. and have been arranged in levels to accommodate the student who is more advanced. The curriculum was developed and scheduled to accommodate the businessperson or office worker that cannot be away from the office for several days and has the need to learn computer skills at a faster rate to meet the needs of a job. A caring and knowledgeable instructor will lead the class through a curriculum that might ordinarily take 4 weeks to cover.

On-Line Computer Courses from the Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Training are designed for the student who has limited time for commuting to class, works well alone, prefers not to pay a babysitter, has an unusual work schedule, or just simply likes the non-traditional distance learning method. The student can gain access to their course from their home computer or any computer at any other location, courses can be accessed anytime morning, afternoon, or evening, any day of the week. The student can stop and start a lesson as time is available.

View the links below for the expanded and diverse selection of online courses.

Ed2go (http://www.ed2go.com/chesapeake/) Chesapeake College in partnership with Ed2go

Gatlin Education (http://www.gatlineducation.com/chesapeake/) Chesapeake College in partnership with Gatlin Education offers a comprehensive collection of courses for non-credit certification training.

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