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Culinary/Hotel/Restaurant Courses

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Introduction To Hospitality Management (CEI 262)

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the lodging and food service industry by tracing the industry's growth and development, reviewing the organization of hotel, food, and beverage operations, and by focusing on industry opportunities and future trends. (Also offered as HRM 101 on the credit schedule.) Textbook required.

Introduction To Principles Of Tourism (CEI 363)

This course is designed as an introduction to the travel and tourism industry. Each major component of the industry will be examined in detail, to provide the student with a useful overview of the industry and its many career opportunities. (Also offered as HRM 102 on the credit schedule.) Textbook required.

Convention, Meeting And Conference Management (CEI 609)

This course covers the topic of event planning from formal catered events to meetings and conventions. The emphasis is on learning to design cost-effective ventures. The class includes contract negotiations, layouts, presentations, and final delivery. Operation of trade shows, festivals, and small community events are also covered. This course is offered using the fiber-optics system. (Also offered as HRM 210 on the credit schedule.)

Culinary Fundamentals (CEI 983)

In this course the student will learn the classification, selection, and preparation of foods. Emphasis will be on working techniques and developing professional skills. Topics include: use of specific tools and kitchen equipment, and dining room management. (Also offered as FSM 100 on the credit schedule.) Text required.

Sanitation, Safety, And First Aid (CEI 378)

Instruction in this course will focus on the techniques and procedures for employing hygienic practices in food service including food sanitation and microbiology, food spoilage, food-borne illnesses, and education and training in sanitation of food service personnel. Topics include: basic first aid in the kitchen and industry certification. (Also offered as FSM 101 on the credit schedule.) Text required.

Food Prep I (CEI 835)

This course is a study of professional cooking based on knowledge of ingredients and procedures with an emphasis on classical culinary methods, menu planning, and influences on modern American cuisine. (Also offered as FSM 103 on the credit schedule.) Textbook required.

Food Prep II (CEI 820)

This course is a study of the fundamentals of baking and the preparation and decoration of entrée goods and platters for a la carte and buffet. Topics such as the care of baking and other special equipment will also be discussed. (Also offered as FSM 104 on the credit schedule.) Prerequisite: FSM 103. Textbook required.

Advanced Food Preparation (CEI 444)

This course is a study of the principles of food preparation specific to meat, seafood, poultry and game including the identification, inspection, purchasing and storage practices and cooking methods related to each product. (Also offered as FSM 105 on the credit schedule.) Prerequisite: FSM 104. Textbook required. Students can purchase textbook at College bookstore.

Food And Beverage Management (CEI 004)

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of food and beverage management. Topics include the origins of the food service industry and a focus on menu management, production and service, and design finances and automation. (Also offered as HRM 150 on the credit schedule.)

Safe Food Handling Certification (CEI 676)

This course is designed for restaurant kitchen staff, cafeteria workers, bed and breakfast staff, and anyone working in food service. Instruction will focus on food safety, including the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety system and the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Food Code. Topics include: food safety hazards, keeping food safe during preparation and service, sanitary facilities and equipment, developing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and regulatory agencies and inspections. The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association certification exam will be given at the conclusion of the course. Approved for 15 hours in sanitation certification for dietary managers.

(New) Food Services Management Internship (CEX 149)

This course is designed to provide field experience for students interested in food service management. The internship provides first-hand experience and assists students in developing skills critical to the food service industry. Students will be assigned to local facilities under faculty supervision. (Also offered as FSM 270 on the credit schedule.) Prerequisite: FSM 100, FSM 101, and FSM 103 or CEI 983, CEI 378, and CEI 526.

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