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Class Listings (PDF)


Fundamentals Of Drafting/CAD (CEI 347)

This course includes basic interpretation, reading, and understanding blue prints for the typical branches of engineering technologies. A variety of basic drawings will be prepared in both manual form and basic computer-aided design applications. (Also offered as DFT 101 on the credit schedule.)

Introduction To CAD/Technical Drafting (CEI 698)

This course is a study of the fundamentals of computer-aided drafting through the operation of a personal computer using AutoCAD 2004 software. Course concepts will include: drafting and design, systems storage and retrieval of programs from a disk-operated system, operating a digitizer, constructing multi-view drawings, and accessing those files to printers and plotters. (Also offered as CAD 100 on the credit schedule.) Prerequisite: CEI 347 or DFT 101 or permission from the instructor.


Basic Arc Welding

This course provides an introduction to arc welding and basic burning practices. The course includes a survey of resources, procedures, and safety. The student will be assigned to a welding station, become familiar with the operation of the equipment, and complete a number of welds until proficient. (Also offered as WEL 101 on the credit schedule.)

Intermediate Welding

This course has been designed to further introduce students to the art and science of welding. Vertical and overhead welding with various filler metal will be stressed, using the shielded metal arc welding process. The course will include welding small parts, vertical and overhead welding, and safety procedures. MIG and TIG procedures will be introduced. Prerequisite: CEI 481 or WEL 101. (Also offered as WEL 105 on the credit schedule.)

Advanced Welding

This course is designed to provide the student with advanced skills in the art and science of welding and to prepare the student for certification. Topics include vertical, overhead and pipe welding, shop safety, and both MIG and TIG procedures as well as the use of various materials. Prerequisite: CEI 391 or WEL 105. (Also offered as WEL 107 on the credit schedule.)

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