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Note: All IAL classes will be held in the Higher Education Building unless they require a special room or there is a conflicting time with another class. The IAL classroom, HEC-210, will be used for most classes unless otherwise specified.

Course No./Title/Description/Dates/Times
CEL 024 Stories of QA County's Early History
Students will learn facts and stories about some of the courageous and outrageous men who helped shape Queen Anne's County. Learn how Queen Anne's reign and these most prominent men's early 1800s careers shaped life here on the Upper Shore.
Section S
3/25/2015 - 4/15/2015
W  1:00 - 2:30 pm
WMC  HEC-117
Instructor: Mary Margaret Goodwin
CES 408 Ukranian Cuisine
Ukraine has been so much in the news with sad events taking place, but the country has a wonderful diverse cuisine. The country is the bread basket for Europe. It also uses wild game, fish from the Black Sea, wild mushrooms, and just delicious food. There is a materials fee of $25 that is due at the time of registration.
Section S
W  10:00 am - 1:00 pm
WMC  TPAC Kitchen
Instructor: Katherine Moose
CES 315 Yoga
Help reverse the negative effects of a less than optimal diet and a sedentary, stressed-out lifestyle with this style of yoga that combines the postures of Hatha yoga with yogic breathing, relaxation, and meditation. The practice of Kripalu yoga guides us to develop an awareness of body alignment as we move in and out of the postures, connecting breath with movement, exploring ways to still the mind, settle the body, and nourish the spirit.
Section S1
4/13/2015 - 5/4/2015
M  10:30 am - Noon
Instructor: Darleen Greer
CEL 097 From Colonies to Final Independence
This course will examine the reasons for establishing colonies in North America and their growth and development. The course will also trace the involvement of the colonies in European wars and the growing desire for independence and the reasons for a second war for Independence known as the war of 1812.
Section S
4/15/2015 - 5/13/2015
W  10:30 am - Noon
WMC  HEC-117
Instructor: Robert Springer
CEL 113 German for Beginners Plus
This course will provide language skills and also cultural and historical background information. Some German knowledge is required; this class is aimed at better conversational skills combined with stronger grammar applications. Prepare better for your possible journey to Germany or to read documents concerning your heritage. Discover some of Germany's history, geography, political structure and great composers, poets, philosophers and personalities. Class will be taught by a German native. Students will need to purchase book Essential German Grammar $5.95 by authors Guy Stern and Everett Bleiler, ISBN-13: 978-0-486-20422-2 prior to the start of class.
Section S
4/16/2015 - 5/21/2015
Th  10:30 am - noon
WMC  HEC-117
Instructor: Anna Christina DeGroodt

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