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New Students –You will be asked to provide your personal information during the online registration process.  This information will be used to set up your student record in our computer system.  Complete and accurate information is necessary in order to distinguish your record in the future.  We do not sell or share your information to mass marketers or any outside organization.  If you do not wish to provide at least the minimum required information, you will need to utilize one of our other registration methods – fax in, mail in or in person registration.  If you need additional assistance, please contact the Continuing Education Department at 410-827-5850 for additional information.

Current Chesapeake students: Please enter through Angel to access CRAB before searching for a class.

Foreign/International Students: You will not be eligible to use the online registration system.

Adult Basic Skills and English as a Second Language students must register in person. A placement test is required at the time of registration.

Note: Any student with an outstanding obligation with Chesapeake College will not be able to utilize the online registration system.

Course fees: All charges associated with the class you are registering for must be paid in full at the time of registration.  Payment must be made using a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or debit card.  Electronic checks are not accepted at this time.  Sponsorship billing, waivers and National Guard discounts are not available through the online registration system. 

Change in Personal Information:If you have previously provided information to the institution, entering different information on this form will not update any existing records.  To officially change a name, address, telephone number or email address, a student must complete a Change of Information form.

Refunds & Cancellations

Refunds – Tuition and fee refunds of 100 percent will be made prior to the day of the first class.  No tuition or fee refunds will be given after that date unless the College cancels the course.  Those courses that are co-listed with credit courses follow the credit course refund policy.  Please contact the Continuing Education Department at 410-827-5850 if you need to cancel your enrollment in a class.

Cancellations –The College reserves the right to cancel in advance any non- credit course for which minimum enrollment has not been met.  There is a 100 percent refund of all tuition and fees on courses cancelled by the College.

Class locations: If no room location is available at the time of registration, students will be contacted in advance of the first meeting of a class with the room location.

Searching for Classes with the Online Registration System

How to Search for Classes

You may search for classes online several ways:

  1.  By Subject – Click the drop down box to see specific subject areas of Continuing Education classes. Click on your desired subject, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page and a list of upcoming classes for that subject area will be created.
  1. By Course Number – If you know the course number of the class you are interested in enrolling, enter the course number in the course number box.  DO NOT include the section information. Example: enter CEI 100 do not enter CEI 100 9A.   

Do not enter any information in the TERM box during the search process.

If at any point, you need to go back to re-start your search after getting search results, click on the left arrow at the top of the page.  You will then be able to start a new search for classes.

Search and Register for CE Courses (opens in a new window)

A PDF version of the printed catalog is also available. Fall 2015 CE Schedule (September 2015 - March 2016)

Please contact the Continuing Education Department at 410-827-5850 if you need additional assistance.