Canvas Learning Management System

Our online courses are taught fully or partially within a learning management system (LMS). A LMS, sometimes called a course management system (CMS) is software that provides an integrated suite of online resources and communications capabilities in support of traditional courses and can also serve as a platform for fully online courses. A typical LMS provides a range of activity modules, such as forums, databases, and wikis; facilitates student assignments and quizzes; and enables monitoring of student engagement and reporting of grades. Source: Educause

At Chesapeake, our LMS is called Canvas and you can watch this short video to learn more about the system. You may also learn about this accessible LMS and take Chesapeake College's version of Canvas for a test drive by taking our Canvas Student Orientation course This is a short course built in Canvas that incorporates videos to teach you how to use the LMS. However, your actual online credit courses will incorporate a lot more learning methods that are tied to specific learning objectives and outcomes and include different types of activities to help you learn and engage with the course content.

Additionally, Chesapeake College uses a portal called MyCampus. This allows faculty, staff, and students to log in once and gain direct access to Canvas, email, announcements, and other resources without additional logins. Your portal page will differ based on your campus role as a faculty member, staff member, or student. Students will see different links than will staff or faculty, for example. Once you are a member of the campus community, you will access the MyCampus portal by going to