System Requirements

To take an online or hybrid course, you will need the following equipment and software:

  • A computer. Your computer can be a PC that uses the XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system, or you can use a Mac.
  • A connection (preferably high-speed) to the internet.
  • A browser that is compatible with our learning management system, Angel. Our favorite is Firefox, version 3 or higher, but you can get by with Internet Explorer 7 or later. Browsers that do not work with Angel include Safari and Google Chrome.
  • Word processing software: Word 2007 is our standard.
  • Speakers, so that you can listen as well as view content. In some classes you will also need a web-cam. Check you course syllabus for details.

After you log on to Angel, you will be able to use the “system check” to finish setting up your computer to work easily with your online course.