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Theater Arts Performance Grants

The Peake Players offer several performance grants to students involved in theatrical productions. These are modest grants which are intended to cover all or part of the cost of a theatre performance class and are intended as a small token of appreciation for the many hours spent in rehearsal for a production. The amount of the grant will be placed in a student account and will be directly applied to the student's tuition and fees.

Grants are open to both full-time and part-time students.

To be eligible for a grant, you must:

  • be active in high school, college, or community theatre, either on stage or in some technical capacity
  • fill out and return an application by the stated deadline
  • enroll in at least six hours of classes at Chesapeake College
  • enroll in either DRM 175 Introduction to Theatre Production (a 3-hour course) or DRM 173, 174, 273 or 274 Theatre Workshop (a 1-hour course)
  • agree to audition for all Chesapeake College productions and serve in whatever capacities you are assigned.
  • agree that you will work exclusively for the Chesapeake College drama program during the school year, which means that you will not be able to work with non-college productions which rehearse or perform between September and May
  • become an active, productive, and cooperative member of The Peake Players, which means assisting at work calls, helping out whenever you are called upon to do so, and maintaining a leadership role in the Peake Players
  • maintain a satisfactory academic standing at Chesapeake College

To apply for a grant, you must:

  • fill out a Performance Grant application
  • be interviewed by Chesapeake College's drama instructor at a time that will be arranged after your application has been received

You can submit a preliminary application online, or you can view/print the application as PDF.

For more information, contact:
Anita Tecce, Associate Professor of Drama and Communication
Chesapeake College
P.O. Box 8
Wye Mills, MD 21679
Tel.: 410-822-5400, x 278