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Continuing Education, Part-Time
CDL Assistant Instructor
(Job #:ccweb-CDL-A - Continuing Education, Part-Time)
CDL Class A Instructor
(Job #:ccweb-CDL - Continuing Education, Part-Time)
Instructor To Teach an Adult Education Family Literacy /GED® Prep class
(Job #:ccweb-CE-GEDPT - Continuing Education, Part-Time)
Instructors To Teach non-credit courses
(Job #:ccweb-ce-enr - Continuing Education, Part-Time)
Instructors To Teach Senior Adults
(Job #:ccweb-ce - Continuing Education, Part-Time)
Faculty, Part-Time
Adjunct Faculty - English, Math, Science, Earth Science, Psychology, Sociology, Communication
(Job #:ccweb-ASD-AF - Faculty, Part-Time)
Welding Instructor
(Job #:ccweb-WEL - Faculty, Part-Time)
Temporary, Part-Time
Athletic Technician
(Job #:ccweb-ATPT - Temporary, Part-Time)

For best consideration, please send cover letter & resume to hr@chesapeake.edu. Please reference the job to which you are applying in the subject heading. Resumes must be in .doc (Word) or PDF (Acrobat) format. We are unable to open or convert files in other formats.

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Chesapeake College is an equal opportunity employer who values the power of diversity and the strength it brings to the workplace.

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In accordance with the U.S. Department of Education regulations, Chesapeake College distributes an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report to all current students, staff, and faculty. The report is available to prospective students, staff and faculty upon request. The report can be found on Chesapeake College's website: www.chesapeake.edu/consumer/security.asp. To receive a paper copy of this report, contact the Director of Public Safety at 410-827-5889.