Dr. Robin G. Seal-Whitlock
Professor of Nursing

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Contact Information

Email: rsealwhitlock@chesapeake.edu

Phone: ext. 2713

Office Location: Center for Allied Health &Tech133

Office Hours:
Mondays - 9a-3p
Tuesdays - 9a-3p
Wednesdays - 6:15a-7p Clinical
Thursday - 6:15a-3p Clinical
Fridays - By appointment only

Educational Background:
Registered Nurse
Masters of Science Nursing Education, Wilmington College
Associate Degree in Nursing, Wesley College
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Maryland
Additional Education: Doctor of Philosophy, Clayton College of Natural Health

Fall 2015

NUR 210 101 Families Within the Community- Course Description (Syllabus)

NUR 210 102 Families Within the Community- Course Description (Syllabus)