Financial Aid Facts

  • It is important that you select a degree or certificate program that is eligible for federal financial aid funding (programs that are less than 6 months in duration, and/or do not lead to a certificate or degree are not eligible programs.)
  • Enrollment status is important, too. All federal financial aid requires a student to be enrolled in a 6 or more credit/load hours, with the exception of the Federal Pell Grant. You may receive Federal Pell Grant enrolling in 3 to 5 credit/load hours based on your eligibility. There are numerous institutional scholarships that allow for less than half-time status also. The credit/load hours defines enrollment status as follows:
    • Full-time: 12 or more semester hours
    • Three-quarter time: 9 to 11 semester hours
    • Half-time: 6 to 8 semester hours
    • Less than half-time: 3 to 5 semester hours
  • If you do not have a high school diploma or GED certificate, you are not eligible for federal, state, and institutional aid. Once you complete your high school diploma or GED you can apply for aid.
  • Also, if you are a male student and are at least 18 years of age, you must register with Selective Service. Please register online at
  • Also, you may be required to provide federal tax transcripts and other documentation to complete your file. If additional documentation is required, you will be notified when you receive your electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) and/or we will send a status letter/email to you regarding outstanding documents. Your financial aid file will not be considered for any aid programs until all documentation is received and you have pre-registered for the term aid is being requested.
  • If awarded a Federal Perkins Loan, you will be required to complete an Entrance Interview. This interview will explain your rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower, require you to complete a personal data sheet and repayment, deferment, forbearance information, how to avoid defaulting, and the consequences of defaulting on a federally subsidized loan. If you are packaged with a Federal Perkins Loan, upon repayment, you may be eligible for a deferment or cancellation of a portion of your loan. During a deferment period, the interest of your loan does not accrue, and repayment of the principal is not required. Please review your Entrance Interview for more information regarding this type of loan. Our loan service is University Accounting Services. They can be reached at 800-999-6227.
  • In order to be offered a financial aid award, you must register for classes the semester for which you are requesting aid. Contact Student Services to make an appointment to see one of our academic advisors 410-822-5400 Ext. 2240.

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