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Wellness Program

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What is Wellness?

The concept of wellness is complex.

Wellness is:

  • Physical (sickness, nutrition, exercise…)
  • Mental (learning, thinking, reasoning…)
  • Emotional (love, anger, fear…)
  • Social (healthy interactions with others)
  • Environmental (interaction with and response to your immediate surroundings)
  • Spiritual (values, morals, religion, how you feel about yourself as a person and your philosophy of life)

Wellness is best conceptualized as the upper end of a health continuum, with disability or illness at the lower end, and freedom from disability at the middle. In this manner, wellness can be seen to include not only prevention, but enhancement of the individual's status.

Wellness involves all aspects of the total person, with emphasis on positive achievement of full potential rather than the more negative concern for correcting deficiencies.

Wellness is the process of moving toward higher levels of health.

What wellness services does Chesapeake College offer?

The Chesapeake College Wellness Program currently provides access to a wide variety of fitness facilities and activities, a matching time program that encourages employees to take advantage of wellness opportunities during work hours, and valuable wellness information from a variety of internal and external resources.

Fitness Facilities

The college fitness facilities include:

  • Dr. Stuart M. Bounds Fitness Center, opened in August 2008. The center features Life Fitness and Hammer Strength weight-training equipment built around an isotonic theme and Life Fitness cardio equipment that includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and a stepper. Fitness Center Hours
  • Gymnasium. Available for walking, basketball, and general exercise when not in use by college teams or groups renting the facility.
  • Indoor pool. Free open swim periods (as well as non-credit swimming courses, for which there are charges).
  • Tennis facility. There are six tennis courts as well as one practice wall available for use.
  • Disc golf. A scenic course has been developed that is available for general use.

Matching time

The college provides up to 3 hours of wellness time each week to full-time employees enrolled in the "Matching-Time" Wellness Program. Of the amount of "college time" the employee uses in the Wellness Program each week, they have to make up (or "pay back") only 1/2 of the work time spent on wellness.

This "pay back" time may be accomplished in several different ways. Two examples below illustrate how an employee who uses 1 1/2 hours of college time for wellness each week may "pay back" the 45 minutes owed weekly. Example 1: Employee's schedule, approved by the supervisor, allows the employee to work 45 minutes later than the normal work hours one day each week. Example 2: Employee's schedule, approved by the supervisor, allow the employee to work 15 minutes later for three days each week.

Wellness information

The Wellness Program includes access to valuable wellness information, This includes information from both internal sources, such as columns on fitness and nutrition, as well as direct links to external websites (including several from our insurance providers). This information can all be accessed from the Wellness Program homepage.

How can I benefit from Chesapeake College's Wellness Program?

Chesapeake College believes that its most valuable asset is its employees. Today, we are aware of environmental and lifestyle factors that are detrimental to our total well being. Yet circumstances seem to deter us from reducing and preventing risk factors. Most people do not believe that they will be affected by these factors and/or they lack the skill to personally develop a comprehensive, individualized, wellness program.

Chesapeake College's program provides you an opportunity to receive assistance in designing a personal program to effect permanent lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your full potential and improve your quality of life.

Who is eligible to participate in the College's Wellness Program?

Any full-time employee of Chesapeake College is eligible and encouraged to participate in the wellness program. Employee family members are not eligible to participate.

What does the wellness program cost?

There is no cost to you for the wellness services provided by Chesapeake College

How do I get started?

There are two options available.

  1. Matching-Time Program (orientation PLUS contract required)
  2. Use of facilities without enrollment in the matching-time program (orientation required, but no contract needed)

Matching-Time Program – Steps to take to enroll.

  1. Notify your immediate supervisor of your interest to participate.
  2. Pick up Wellness Booklet from Human Resources or retrieve it from cCHEST. The booklet includes a contract.
  3. Contact either Dr. Ed Baker (extension 362) or Dr. Carol Wilson-Robbins (extension 363) to have a one-on-one orientation of the facilities.
  4. Sign and return your contract to Human Resources to be included in your personnel folder.
  5. Employee is then free to use the facilities.
  6. Contract must be renewed each year (July 1) with proper signatures if you plan to continue in the "Matching-Time Program."

Use of Facilities Only (without matching time/contract)

  1. Contact either Dr. Ed Baker (extension 362) or Dr. Carol Wilson-Robbins (extension 363) to have a one-on-one orientation of the facilities.
  2. Employee is then free to use the facilities.

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