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Sodexo offers eating choices for a healthy lifestyle

Bruce, Sue and Cindy

Healthy living is a balancing act between the mind, body, and soul. Sodexo, your food service provider at Chesapeake College, would like to point out the balance we offer at the Skipjack Café located in the Caroline Building.

We believe balanced eating choices contribute to a healthy lifestyle. With the introduction of the Weekly Wellness Specials (PDF) this semester, guests have another option to fast food. The Wellness selections point out nutritional facts that will help our customers make informed decisions about the food they eat.

In addition to our Wellness selections, Skipjack Café offers a variety of freshly made salads with a themed salad of the week, such as Oriental, Harvest, Greek, Chicken Caesar, and Cobb, just to name a few. Two sizes of Chef Salads and small tossed salads are served daily. We offer a wide variety of dressings including many Low Cal, and Fat Free.

Yogurts, cottage cheese, breakfast bars, healthy cereals, and fresh seasonal fruit salad are some great options for a healthy start to your day. Garden burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, roasted veggie sandwiches, along with healthy deli selections are a great alternative to cheeseburgers and fries.

Skipjack Café’s daily featured specials are well balanced as well. We offer meatball subs, taco salad, pork BBQ and Italian panini’s on the comfort food side, while featuring baked cod, chicken breast with garlic & rosemary, hand-tossed Asian beef salad and roast breast of turkey on the healthy side of the scale. All featured daily specials come with a choice of fountain beverage, or bottled water.

Healthy beverages abound with Odwalla brand juices, Fuzz fruit juices, Powerade Zero, and a variety of water and diet drinks.

Sodexo is committed to providing well-balanced food selections that give our customers the choices they deserve. Smart, balanced eating habits will go a long way in fueling your Mind, Body and Soul.

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