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Dr. Viniar

Message from the President

The 2010 Maryland election campaigns are in full swing. I would like to urge all Chesapeake College students to actively participate in this year's election the results of which can have a huge impact on the future accessibility of a Chesapeake College education for our local residents.

Chesapeake College is funded by three main sources state aid, local (county) aid, and student tuition/fees. It is important, particularly in these difficult economic times, to elect candidates who understand the important role Chesapeake College plays in our community. Here is how you can make a difference:

  • Register to vote: If you are not yet registered to vote, please use the link on this page's side menu ("Voter Registration") to register. It's quick and easy, and will allow you to fully participate in the electoral process.
  • Familiarize yourself with the electoral process: A list of offices impacting Mid-Shore residents that will be filled by the 2010 election federal, state and local - is also included on this page's side menu ("Election Overview"). It will be well worth your time to spend just a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the offices to be filled during the 2010 election.
  • Stay current with candidates and issues: Mid-Shore newspapers, local League of Women Voters publications and candidate websites are good sources of information regarding the candidates' positions on the issues. Read everything you can find about candidates' positions so you can be an informed voter.
  • Attend candidate forums: Several organizations, including local League of Women Voters, host candidate forums where you can hear for yourself the candidates' positions on the issues. Those attending these forums usually have an opportunity to ask the candidates questions. Please consider attending at least one candidate forum and asking how candidates stand on funding for Chesapeake College.
  • VOTE: Voting is one of our responsibilities as citizens in a democracy. Please help make your voice heard by voting in the 2010 primary and general elections.


Barbara A. Viniar
Chesapeake College President