Health Professions and Athletics Center

HPAC rendering

The Health Professions and Athletics Center was officially opened on August 19, 2015.

Providing space for all of the health and wellness programs in the reallocated and renovated pool area and the new construction space, and renovating the gymnasium and other athletic space are the primary objectives, but this space will also help meet the overall college shortfall in classroom space, conference space, and office space. Additionally, by bringing together all allied health opportunities into one location, the college will make the best use of its personnel, educational, financial and other resources while minimizing administrative and operational costs and providing a more comprehensive college experience for allied health students.

This project brings together general education courses in physical education (primarily wellness, stress management, and nutrition), credit allied health associate, certificate and letters of recognition degrees, non-credit programs and courses, as well as one of the highest quality athletics programs in the state, in one facility aptly named The Center for Allied Health and Athletics/Health Professions and Athletics Center.

The college recognizes the importance of modernizing the athletics facilities in order to continue to attract and retain students through their desire to be involved in a collegiate athletic program. This type of student engagement has not only brought a significant number of under-represented students to campus but has also had a positive impact on their ability to succeed at the community college level and beyond. The college is committed to continuing to provide a strong athletic program in support of its educational mission.