The History of Education in America

The educational system in the United States has seen many changes over the past 250 years.  In order to demonstrate to you how far we have come in education, we will embark on a trip which will take us across all barriers of time and space, race and wealth, age and gender.  Leave your computer behind as we travel back throughout America's history to witness the evolution of the American Education System.

Colonial Education

Early National Education

19th Century Education

20th Century Education


Objectives for this Lesson:

Students will:

  1. Gain a sense of perspective regarding the history of education in America;

  2. Obtain the "big picture" of American Education;

  3. Develop an appreciation of how American Education has evolved.

"Teachers are part of an old, progressive and inspirational human endeavor.  Knowing our educational history and gaining a historical perspective will help you live up to and extend this tradition."  (Ryan & cooper, 2000)





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