VII. Scoring Rubric

Each portfolio will be created on a set of clearly defined standards and expectations. The most valuable way to assess such an endeavor is through the use of a scoring rubric. The Education Department at Chesapeake College has established a rubric by which each portfolio will be measured. The final outcome will be an Acceptable (A) or Unacceptable (U) mark. Each teacher candidate MUST receive a satisfactory (S) in order to meet the degree requirements for graduation.

The rubric is designed for a possibility of ten (10) points; each teacher candidate earning 6 – 10 points will receive an Acceptable (A) rating. Any portfolio with five (5) points or below will require the teacher candidate to revisit their work and make changes accordingly. Please note that this point system requires at least one “Exemplary” rating for any of the portfolio elements.

Sample Rubric (Word file)

Professional Qualities Inventory (Word file)

Portfolio Checklist (Word file)

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