III. Portfolio Sections

The portfolio will evaluate your progress toward meeting the program outcomes of the AAT. The completed project will be divided into five sections. Teacher candidates must coordinate their selected items with the appropriate section. In addition, a reflection form should be included with each course item displayed describing the contents as well as a brief analysis explaining how these items provide evidence of growth and development toward your increasing competence as a teacher candidate. A sample page is provided in this booklet. While there are specific requirements for each section as well as the portfolio as a whole, teacher candidates are encouraged to be individualistic and creative throughout the process.

Section I: Introduction

This section introduces the teacher candidate to the reviewer. This section also provides an overview and clarifies the motivation for becoming a teacher. Section I must include the following:

Section II: Content Knowledge

This section provides evidence of the acquisition of knowledge for content areas required within the degree program. Each item displayed in this section should be accompanied with a reflection regarding why each piece was chosen and what it represents. Section II must include the following:

Section III: Pedagogical Knowledge

This section requires you to reflect on pedagogical knowledge you have learned in the education department (EDU 101, EDU 210, PSC 220, EDU 214, and the Field Experience courses). While it is understood that this knowledge will continue to grow and be refined, it important to begin examining what has already been learned toward an effort to enhance your teaching capabilities. Section III must include the following:

Section IV: Technological Competence

Each teacher candidate must prepare a 5-7 minute Power Point presentation based on your portfolio. This requirement further demonstrates technological competence and provides an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments. The presentation may be viewed by members of the Education Department, additional college faculty, members of the public education community and your peers. The presentation will be part of the overall portfolio evaluation. The following should be considered while preparing the presentation:


Section V: Professional Gains / Personal Goals

This section provides an opportunity to display necessary information and share personal goals. The following items must be included in Section V:

Formatting Specifications

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