Chesapeake College/MGW Nursing Program


The mission of the nursing department is to prepare students for Maryland state licensure eligibility and to obtain entry-level positions with an opportunity for career advancement.


Consistent with the mission of Chesapeake College, nursing faculty embrace the concept of education as centered on learning and as a life-long process that occurs within a framework of personal/professional growth. Moreover, the nursing faculty are fully committed to the belief that the process of education seeks to serve the individual, the profession and the global community. The nursing faculty, and hence the program of study for the Associate of Science in Nursing Degree fully support the ideals of cooperative partnerships and strong community relationships, and highly values that which is diverse in human nature. Graduates of the Chesapeake College/MGW Nursing Program are accountable, adaptable generalists prepared with the knowledge and skills to enter the practice of nursing in a variety of settings and continue study at the Baccalaureate level.