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Commission Reaffirms Chesapeake's Accreditation

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005

WYE MILLS – The Middles States Commission on Higher Education recently reaffirmed the accreditation of Chesapeake College. The re-accreditation is the result of a lengthy process where Chesapeake was evaluated based on the 14 standards Middle States uses to evaluate colleges and universities.

"While we fully expected to have our accreditation reaffirmed based on the preliminary reports we received, we're pleased to have the official notice," said Dr. Barbara Houchen, vice president for administrative services and the acting president during President Stuart M. Bounds' sabbatical this summer. "It's wonderful to see that all of our hard work has been recognized and the students can be assured that they are attending an institution that meets the highest educational standards."

Middle States performs the re-accreditation reviews on member institutions every 10 years. The reaffirmation was issued following a self-study report prepared by Chesapeake officials and submitted earlier this year.

The self-study is an internal effort to weigh Chesapeake's strengths and weaknesses with respect to the 14 standards by which Middle States evaluates colleges and universities. Fifty-nine individuals – including Board of Trustees members, a Foundation Board member, administrators, faculty, and staff – served on the six subcommittees that developed the self-study report, including 15 who served on a Steering Committee chaired by Dr. Clay Railey, professor of English.

A Middle States Commission evaluation team, headed by Genesee (NY) Community College President Dr. Stuart Steiner, reviewed Chesapeake's self-study report to gain a basic understanding of the college and its service region.

In March, the nine-member evaluation team traveled to Wye Mills for an on-site survey of the college. Over three days, the evaluation team members met with Chesapeake administrators, faculty, staff and students. The visit provided the team with additional information which was used to evaluate Chesapeake's re-accreditation request. Team members represented academic, administrative, student services, learning resources, and continuing education divisions from community colleges in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.


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