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Chesapeake College seeking part-time instructors for fall

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2005

WYE MILLS -- Chesapeake College is seeking adjunct instructors in a variety of academic areas to enable the college to open additional sections of high-demand courses.

"We're faced with a lot of full or nearly full classes, and we're trying to do what we can to meet student need," said Dr. Willie Woods, the college's dean for liberal arts. "Recruiting additional, part-time instructors in these high-demand courses is one of the strategies we're employing to meet this need."

The college is seeking part-time instructors to teach in the following areas, which require a Master's Degree with at least 15 graduate hours in the content area: Chemistry, Economics, English, History, Fitness and Wellness, and Mathematics.

The college is also looking for instructors in Criminal Justice, where the requirements to teach are a combination of education and work experience, and in developmental math and English, which each require a Bachelor's Degree in the appropriate area. In addition, the college is seeking instructors whose work experience would qualify them to teach Keyboarding, AutoCadd, and CDL.

Individuals interested in teaching these courses may apply directly online at The fall semester begins August 29th.


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