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Chesapeake College to develop car pool system

Posted on Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WYE MILLS – Chesapeake College President Stuart M. Bounds appointed a college task force Tuesday to develop a proposal for a car pool option for students feeling the effects of rising gasoline prices.

"While rising gas prices affect everyone, they disproportionately affect many of our students who are already in economically difficult situations," said Dr. Bounds Tuesday afternoon. "The fact that Chesapeake College serves such a rural region makes the issue that much more critical for our students, who don´t have all the transportation options you find at more urban institutions."

Dr. Bounds appointed Chief Technology Officer Doug Gray, Administrative Vice President Barbara Houchen, Student Activities Director Amy Childs, and Facilities Director Monte Garrettson to the Car Pool Task Force. Their charge is to quickly develop car-pooling options for students, faculty and staff of the regional community college.

Dr. Bounds asked the group to explore how to set up a car-pooling database, detailing those interested in joining car pools and sites for car-pool pick-up. He also asked them to deal with any other issues that may arise in relation to setting up a car-pool option.

"This is an immediate problem and it needs an immediate proposal," said Dr. Bounds.


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