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Chesapeake College Announces Spring 2006 Dean's List.

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2006

WYE MILLS – One hundred and ninety-nine Mid-Shore residents were named to the Chesapeake College Dean´s List for Spring Semester 2006.

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Caroline County: Stephanie Allen of Marydel, Joanna Barbee of Preston, Chrissie Barr of Denton, Sarah Bathras of Denton, Dawn Becker of Preston, Veronica Bish of Ridgely, Steven Burneston of Ridgely, Kelley Callahan of Denton, James Cheezum of Preston, Kaylyn Davis of Denton, Megahn Davis of Denton, Teresa Dean of Marydel, Christina Eaton-Tribbit of Ridgely, James Emerson of Greensboro, Mary Fessenden, Deborah Freburger of Denton, Kristine Galasso of Denton, Tonya Greathouse of Federalsburg, Margie Harding of Greensboro, Auburn Hubbard of Greensboro, Erica Jaeger of Goldsboro, Maureen Kenton of Preston, Karen Knauss of Preston, B. Kriss-Scharf of Ridgely, Melissa Lahman of Greensboro, Shirley Lake of Federalsburg, Rebecca LaShier of Ridgely, William LaShier of Ridgely, Robert MacDonald of Preston, Candelaria McElhinny of Federalsburg, Randolph McFadden of Denton, Ruben Medalla of Preston, Rebecca Mielke of Denton, Karen Monteith of Denton, Brittany Moore of Denton, Patrick Morris of Preston, Derek Nichols of Preston, Paul Nichols of Preston, Christine Overton of Greensboro, Melani Redmiles of Federalsburg, Cordia Reilly of Hillsboro, Sarah Stauffer of Preston, Heather Sterling of Preston, Sandra Stewart of Greensboro, Kristin Stiles of Ridgely, Kelly Tarr of Bethlehem, Katrina Thomas of Preston, Amanda Tolson of Denton, Matthew White of Federalsburg, Lester Wilcox of Preston, Theresa Wilkes of Ridgely, Lenora Wilson of Goldsboro, and Rhonda Woolford of Federalsburg.

Dorchester County: Janice Banks of Cambridge, Linda Barnes of Woolford, Connie Bounds of Cambridge, Holly Burton of East New Market, John Enders of Cambridge, Charles Fry of Cambridge, Kaylee Hardesty of Church Creek, Holly Larrimore of Hurlock, Lucas Reed of Hurlock, Alyssa Schulze of Cambridge, Kira Shorts of Cambridge, Jawara Stephenson of Cambridge, Alissa VanNieuwenhuyzen of Cambridge, Aubrey Vincent of Madison, Brittyn Walbridge of Cambridge, Mary Williams-Feldman of Hurlock, and Robin Wooten of Cambridge.

Kent County: Kristen Anderson of Rock Hall, Jennifer Brittingham of Galena, JoAnne Donovan of Chestertown, Arynn Forgan of Worton, Ashley Landskroener of Chestertown, Ashley Lill of Rock Hall, Lori Mitchell of Chestertown, Kia Reed of Chestertown, Daniel Sealock of Rock Hall, Jarrod Smith of Worton, Jamie Taylor of Chestertown, Judith Thrift of Kennedyville, Karen Van Pelt of Chestertown, Jennifer Wilson of Chestertown, and Ali Zinnel of Chestertown.

Queen Anne´s County: Stacy Albia of Millington, Rebecca Barringer of Chester, Susan Burleson of Centreville, Katie Connolly of Centreville, Katie Coursey of Queenstown, Deanna Darby of Queenstown, Morgan Day of Stevensville, Christy DeHenzel of Stevensville, Erin Dickey of Stevensville, Caitlin Donnelly of Centreville, Mary Draper of Centreville, Michelle Eichinger of Stevensville, Sheryl Germann of Millington, Gregory Gillin of Stevensville, Lisa Guy of Centreville, Jennifer Harrell of Queenstown, Dorcas Hines of Grasonville, Meghan Howland of Stevensville, Tyler Hudock of Church Hill, Kaleb Jenkins of Chester, Rebecca Killian of Stevensville, Joshua Kurderna of Stevensville, Emily Kunkel of Stevensville, Jodie Lee of Chester, Lynnette Lollar of Grasonville, Shannon Miller of Centreville, Kurt Musser of Stevensville, Kathy Pearson of Centreville, Joyce Perillo of Chester, Jessica Phebus of Centreville, Elizabeth Phillips of Stevensville, Ryan Phillips of Millington, Boris Rangelov of Stevensville, Clinton Rogers of Stevensville, Teresa Ruiz of Centreville, Kellie Sneddon of Centreville, Stephen Switala of Centreville, Alicia Thibodeau of Stevensville, Sarah Thomas of Grasonville, Brittany White of Stevensville, Heather Willin of Grasonville, Kathryn Winstead of Centreville, Vera Wolski of Stevensville, Jason Wood of Chester, and Joyce Wood of Centreville.

Talbot County: Fallon Bauer of Easton, Jason Broadwater of Easton, Crystal Burns of Easton, John Campbell of St. Michaels, Suzanne Carley of Newcomb, Kim Chase of Newcomb, Holly Clark of Cordova, Sarah D´Agostino of Claiborne,Terry Davidson-Ertter of Easton, Karen Davis of Easton, Elizabeth Dawson of Trappe, Christopher Dipasqua of Easton, Shani Edwards of Cordova, Maria Eiden of Easton, Tara Faulkner of Easton, Karen George of Cordova, Igor Giusti of Cordova, April Haddock of Easton, Lisa Harris-Newman of Easton, Ashlea Hembree of Grasonville, Jessica Hurley of Easton, Anna Kiewit of Oxford, Sergey Komardenkov of Easton, Mary Luschinski of Easton, Bonnie Mason of Oxford, Rachel Massoni of Cordova, John Mastandrea of Easton, Robert Messix of Cordova, Mollie Mister of Easton, Leighann Mooney of Easton, Stephen Myers of Easton, Katy North of Easton, Laura O´Donnell of Easton, Phillip O´Neil of St. Michaels, Celia Ostasewski of Cordova, Bridget Page of Easton, Rita Robinson of Easton, Joshua Rogers of Trappe, Daniel Ryan of Easton, Laura Schulze of Easton, Sarah Shelly of Easton, Susan Shores of Trappe, Richard Stacey of Easton, William Thomas of Easton, John Trujillo of Easton, Keri Tucker of Easton, Carolyn Tunney of Easton, David Webster of Easton, Susan White of Easton, and Lindsay Wooters of Easton.


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