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July 12th is Fall Semester Payment Deadline

Posted on Thursday, July 06, 2006

WYE MILLS – Chesapeake College students are being reminded that July 12th is the date by which payment for Fall 2006 classes must be made or financial aid must be finalized through the Office of Financial Aid.

"We’ve really been publicizing this date because it’s earlier than in previous years," said Dr. Richard Midcap, the college’s vice president for student success and enrollment services. "We’ve handed out a flyer with our new payment date to students as they register for classes, and we recently sent out a postcard to all students who had registered for classes but not yet made payment arrangements."

Payment options include cash, check, or credit card; financial aid and scholarships; and the Chesapeake College Deferred Payment Plan. Students are being reminded they can combine all three methods – using cash and any financial aid or scholarships they may have to make the 60 percent down payment required under the Chesapeake College Deferred Payment Plan.

Students who have not paid for classes by July 12th will have their class schedules deleted and have to re-register when they can make payment arrangements.

Dr. Midcap said the college moved up the payment deadline because of the large number of people who registered for classes and then did not attend Chesapeake the last several years.

"Those people were taking up class spaces that our students genuinely needed," said Dr. Midcap. "The earlier payment deadline gives the college a better idea of who will actually be attending in the fall, and where we need to add more classes to meet student needs."


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