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Chesapeake College Student Chosen as State Representative

Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2006


WYE MILLS – Kurt Musser, a Chesapeake College student and resident of Stevensville, was selected to represent Maryland college students on the Maryland Higher Education Board for the 2006-2007 academic year.

At 33, this married father from Stevensville is older and more experienced than most of the students he will represent on the board.

"It´s rare that a community college student is chosen to serve on the board," said Amy Childs, Chesapeake´s director of student life. "As a nontraditional student who attends a community college, Kurt will bring a different perspective to the board."

Musser said it is that different perspective which will help him advocate for the state´s college students.

"I know what it is like to be 18 and completely focused on your future, but unsure of what you want to do with your life. I also know what it´s like to worry about finding every single dollar of your tuition or wondering how you´ll squeeze college classes into your schedule," said Musser. "And if my own experiences aren´t enough, I like hearing other people´s points of view."

After working for a decade in sales, Musser knew he wanted to take his career in another direction.

"I just didn´t feel like I was going anywhere, professionally," said Musser. "I´d always wanted to be in health care and started looking into nursing. My wife and I managed to find a way for me to come back to school."

Musser is now a pre-nursing major at Chesapeake College with plans to eventually earn a bachelor´s degree and work as a nurse in pediatric oncology.

In the meantime, he´s taken on a leadership role at Chesapeake. Last year he participated in the Student Leadership Academy and served as events coordinator in the Student Government Association. Musser will serve as the Student Government Association vice president and as a peer ambassador for the 2006-2007 academic year.

"It´s funny because I wasn´t a leader in high school. I had absolutely no interest in student government back then, but I suppose we change as we get older," said Musser. "I´ve enjoyed seeing the inner workings of the college and learning more about our student population."

Chesapeake´s administrators and staff took notice of Musser´s leadership abilities and this summer nominated him for the statewide representative post.

"He has intelligence combined with good humor and empathy. He´s approachable and easy going, yet is very serious about getting things done. He is an ideal student representative, "Childs said. "I´m sure he will serve the state well and make those of us at Chesapeake very proud."

CUTLINE: Kurt Musser was sworn in at the Queen Anne´s County Courthouse with his wife, Anita, at his side.


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