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Chesapeake College Announces Fall 2006 Dean's List.

Posted on Friday, January 26, 2007

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Caroline County: Christina Acree of Greensboro, Stephanie Allen of Marydel, Hope Bandura of Greensboro, Joanna Barbee of Denton, Dawn Becker of Preston, Veronica Bish of Ridgely, Allayne Burke of Federalsburg, Ashley Burrows of Preston, David Clark of Denton, Tara Clark of Denton, SueAnn Darling of Marydel, Kaylyn Davis of Denton, Shawn Davis of Denton, Kathryn Eser of Preston, Michelle Frase of Federalsburg, Lauren Frazier of Federalsburg, Melissa Gardner of Greensboro, Harry George of Preston, Janice Harrison of Hillsboro, Kristy Hill of Federalsburg, Rachel Hubbard of Preston, Bunny Irby of Ridgely, Shirley Lake of Federalsburg, Holly Love of Denton, Robert MacDonald of Preston, Rachel Mahar of Federalsburg, Rebecca Mielke of Denton, Alison Nemcek of Denton, Christine Overton of Greensboro, Charity Peris of Goldsboro, Barbara Pulliam of Denton, Jennifer Queen of Ridgely, Angela Rankin of Ridgely. John Schultz of Denton, Jason Smith of Federalsburg, Kathleen Smith of Ridgely, Heather Sterling of Preston, Sandra Stewart of Greensboro, Kristin Stiles of Ridgely, Ashley Sullivan of Denton, Kristin Todd of Denton, David Twigg of Denton, Lenora Wilson of Goldsboro, and Michelle Wurtz of Ridgely.

Dorchester County: Tori Abbott of Taylors Island, Stephen Abt of Rhodesdale, Andrew Baker of Cambridge, Megan Bennett of Cambridge, Nadine Brown of Cambridge, Adam Carr of Cambridge, Brittany Cheesman of Vienna, Shelly Cheesman of East New Market, Monick Conway of Hurlock, Crystal Davenport of Rhodesdale, Lisaura Estrella of Cambridge, Keely Gleason of Cambridge, Justin Glessner of Rhodesdale, Heather Griep of Cambridge, Wendy Hughes of Cambridge, Robert Hurley of Hurlock, Darah Jackson of East New Market, Holly Larrimore of Hurlock, Christopher Mays of Hurlock, Joy Messick of Cambridge, Kimberly Palamaras of East New Market, Lucas Reed of Hurlock, Yesenia Ruano of Woolford, Corey Sharp of Cambridge, Kira Shorts of Cambridge, Kristina Skutova of Linkwood, Katherine Slacum of Cambridge, Megan Speer of Cambridge, Jaime Wheatley of Cambridge, Justin Williams of East New Market, and Billie Wroten of Vienna.

Kent County: Kristen Anderson of Rock Hall, Jennifer Armstrong of Chestertown, Jennifer Brittingham of Galena, Christine Chipriano of Galena, Michele Coleman of Chestertown, Jesse Coner of Sudlersville, Ashley Costabile of Chestertown, Bryn Crossan of Chestertown, Katrina Gascot of Still Pond, Sheryl Germann of Millington, Melissa Hale of Chestertown, Michelle Hosgood of Millington, Hannah Kelley of Rock Hall, Crystal Kennedy of Barclay, Jennipher Lindyberg of Millington, Lauren Meisling of Sudlersville, Rebekah Moore of Chestertown, Alex Nau of Kennedyville, Danielle Pierzynski of Chestertown, Jarrod Smith of Worton, Jun Tanaka of Chestertown, Leonardo Tanaka of Chestertown, Anam Tariq of Chestertown, Nathan Walter of Chestertown, Kyle Weller of Sudlersville, Amanda Wiltbank of Chestertown, and Ali Zinnel of Chestertown.

Queen Anne´s County:Laura Anderson of Queen Anne, Brian Ballard of Stevensville, Rebecca Barringer of Chester, Brandon Beck of Church Hill, Amy Brittingham of Centreville, Kimberly Brown of Church Hill, Katie Connolly of Centreville, Lauren Cook of Chester, Katie Coursey of Queenstown, Scott Cromwell of Chester, Casey Dahle of Stevensville, Crystal Davenport of Rhodesdale, Heather Finlay of Stevensville, Brenna Fox of Chester, Alice Gilmer of Church Hill, Justin Glessner of Rhodesdale, Angel Gross of Grasonville, Dorcas Hines of Grasonville, Keli Iannucci of Chester, Sara Irwin of Queenstown, Kaleb Jenkins of Chester, Donald King of Church Hill, Pamela King of Church Hill, Christopher Knight-Griffin of Chester, Holly Laucht of Stevensville, Lynnette Lollar of Chester, Felicia Manowski of Grasonville, Sean Marx of Grasonville, Shannon Miller of Centreville, Michaela Paschke of Queenstown, Jessica Posey of Queen Anne, Sylvia Quay of Centreville, Kristen Reed of Centreville, Shane Sandifer of Queenstown, Tina Schroyer of Stevensville, Alyssa Skeans of Queenstown, Rebecca Sloane of Queenstown, Messina Smith of Chester, Abby Tedford of Chester, Brittany Turner of Stevensville, Kristina Vlahos of Queenstown, Lori Ward of Wye Mills, Brittany White of Stevensville, Vera Wolski of Stevensville, Michelle Wyche of Grasonville, and Dorothy Zeller of Queenstown.

Talbot County: Barbara Andaluz of Easton, Jennifer Askew of Trappe, Nancy Baker of Trappe, Crystal Burns of Easton, Courtney Carroll of Easton, Kim Chase of Newcomb, Shari Davis of Easton, Marissa deMateo of Easton, Shani Edwards of Cordova, Laura Foster of Cordova, Christina Ganzler of Easton, Igor Giusti of Cordova, Olivia Hardin of Easton, Lacey Hayes of St. Michaels, Ashlea Hembree of Cordova, Erica Horney of Easton, Leanna Isom of Easton, Cathleen Jones of Easton, Brandi Lomax of Wittman, Colleen Lopez of Easton, Mary Luschinski of Easton, Raymond Mayer of Easton, Karen McLaughlin of Easton, Michelle Messick of Easton, Kalleigh Middleton of Easton, Guinevere Milutinovich of Royal Oak, Amanda Moseley, Jennifer Mueller of Cordova, Kara Nave of Easton, Kimberly Price of Easton, Mary Remaniak of Cordova, Autumn Ronuckeo of St. Michaels, Megan Russum of Easton, Lauren Saathoff of Easton, Laura Schulze of Easton, Megan Stubbs of Trappe, Andrew Tawney of Easton, James Thompson of Easton, Connie Travers of McDaniel, Xuan Wen of Easton, Regina Whitesell of Easton, Nicholas Willoughby of Trappe, and Rebecca Wiseley of McDaniel.


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