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Chesapeake College Announces Spring 2007 Dean's List.

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2007

WYE MILLS – Two hundred and twelve Mid-Shore residents were named to the Chesapeake College Dean´s List for Spring Semester 2007.

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Caroline County: Laura E. Anderson of Queen Anne, Dorine G. Armiger of Ridgely, Star E. Armiger of Ridgely, Hope L. Bandura of Greensboro, Joanna M. Barbee of Denton, Betty L. Brown of Greensboro, Allayne A. Burke of Federalsburg, Jason A. Burton of Greensboro, Cara E. Cianchetta of Denton, David L. Clark of Denton, Tara H. Clark of Denton, Matthew S. Downes of Preston, Kathryn M. Eser of Preston, Lauren N. Frazier of Federalsburg, Melissa T. Gilbert of Federalsburg, Charles L. Harding of Greensboro, Margie J. Harding of Greensboro, Tiffany D. Hardy of Henderson, Kristy R. Hill of Federalsburg, Paula Hood-Smith of Denton, Bunny D. Irby of Ridgely, Jennifer L. Kraeer of Denton, Shirley E. Lake of Federalsburg, Rachel A. Mahar of Federalsburg, Loretta J. Mattingly of Greensboro, Rebecca A. Mielke of Denton, Jeffrey W. Miller of Greensboro, Karen M. Monteith of Denton, Christine A. Overton of Greensboro, Amanda M. Parks of Denton, Charity F. Peris of Goldsboro, Jennifer L. Porter of Greensboro, Michelle L. Puller of Federalsburg, Barbara L. Pulliam of Denton, Thomas E. Radcliffe of Ridgely, Angela R. Rankin of Ridgely, Jaime L. Rehbein of Ridgely, Marsha A. Smith of Denton, Christopher R. Spinner of Denton, Heather R. Sterling of Preston, Kristin L. Stiles of Ridgely, Ashley M. Sullivan of Denton, Kristin L. Todd of Denton, David M. Twigg of Denton, Michelle L. Williams of Preston, Lenora B. Wilson of Goldsboro, Amanda L. Wolf of Henderson, and Jennifer L. Wright of Goldsboro.

Dorchester County: Cheryl L. Abrams of East New Market, Stephen D. Abt of Rhodesdale, Andrew D. Baker of Cambridge, Teresa R. Baker of Hurlock, Felicia S. Barnes of Cambridge, Megan M. Bennett of Cambridge, Holly M. Burton of East New Market, Adam C. Carr of Cambridge, Mallorie D. Crouch of Toddville, Donielle Cusick of Hurlock, Crystal L. Davenport of Rhodesdale, Candace D. DeLisle of Hurlock, Angela C. Dodd of Cambridge, Norleen R. Furroughs of Linkwood, Keely A. Gleason of Cambridge, Deborah B. Hubbard of Cambridge, Evelyn J. Hubbard of East New Market, Michelle L. Hughes of Madison, Wendy L. Hughes of Cambridge, Darah E. Jackson of East New Market, Cindy J. Jones of Cambridge, Holly R. Larrimore of Hurlock, Jennifer T. Leap of Cambridge, Brandon McMullen of Madison, Kelly Mills of Vienna, Kirsten S. Mullins of Cambridge, Kimberley D. Palamaras of East New Market, Emily A. Randall of Cambridge, Cheryl L. Schauber of Church Creek, Alyssa Schulze of Cambridge, Kristina Skutova of Linkwood, Katherine R. Slacum of Cambridge, Paul J. Tobin of Taylors Island, Christa A. Ward of East New Market, Robin T. Wooten of Cambridge and Billie L. Wroten of Vienna.

Kent County: Stacy N. Albia of Millington, Kristen L. Anderson of Rock Hall, Jennifer L. Armstrong of Chestertown, Christine R. Chipriano of Galena, Michele D. Coleman of Chestertown, Lacey R. Cox of Rock Hall, Angela J. Dowling of Rock Hall, Sheryl L. Germann of Millington, Gloria D. Gregory of Rock Hall, Jessica M. Kellogg of Galena, Nathan S. Landskroener of Worton, Ashley L. Lill of Chestertown, Sandra J. Prochaska of Worton, Candice E. Schauber of Chestertown, Andrea L. Segura of Rock Hall, Sara M. Simpkins of Millington, Jenna L. Smith of Worton, John J. Smith of Worton, Joshua D. Stivers of Millington, and Leonardo H. Tanaka of Chestertown.

Queen Anne´s County: Stephanie M. Allen of Marydel, Meghan E. Bell of Stevensville, Ashley E. Bender of Sudlersville, Shannon L. Boyle of Centreville, Kimberly A. Brown of Church Hill, Robert G. Camilleri of Stevensville, James Canales of Chester, Rachel A. Chambers of Stevensville, Jesse L. Coner of Sudlersville, Lauren E. Cook of Chester, Katie R. Coursey of Queenstown, Casey E. Dahle of Stevensville, SueAnn K. Darling of Marydel, Morgan M. Day of Stevensville, Alexa M. Diakoulas of Grasonville, Tracy A. Donoho of Centreville, Heather L. Finlay of Stevensville, James K. Fitzpatrick of Centreville, Kimberly L. Foster of Centreville, Brenna A. Fox of Chester, Carole L. Friend of Stevensville, Christina N. Hyers of Stevensville, Keli A. Iannucci of Chester, Kaleb R. Jenkins of Chester, Dawn E. Johnson of Church Hill, Ashley L. Jones of Stevensville, Hannah G. Kelley of Grasonville, Crystal G. Kennedy of Barclay, Donald J. King of Church Hill, Pamela B. King of Church Hill, Adrienne L. Koegel of Chester, Gerald S. Laird of Grasonville, Robert C. Lincoln of Centreville, Lynnette M. Lollar of Grasonville, Felicia Manowski of Grasonville, Danielle M. Mathews of Grasonville, Nathalie J. McGee of Chester, Kristen M. Meredith of Crumpton, Theodore U. Mertens of Centreville, Linette C. Miller of Centreville, Lori L. Mitchell of Chestertown, Danielle J. Nixon of Stevensville, Whitney A. Noss of Chester, Brittany K. Pinder of Centreville, Jennifer J. Skinner of Sudlersville, Messina L. Smith of Church Hill, Debra L. Stone of Centreville, Megan A. Stubbs of Millington, Laura M. Vianna of Chester, Kyle S. Weller of Sudlersville, Brittany A. White of Stevensville, Cierra N. Wilhelm of Grasonville, Jamie L. Williams of Chestertown, Kathryn D. Winstead of Centreville, Stephanie D. Wise of Stevensville, Susan Youngman of Stevensville, and Dorothy M. Zeller of Queenstown.

Talbot County: Nancy L. Baker of Trappe, Leigh C. Campbell of Oxford, Courtney A. Carroll of Easton, Mary P. Clarke of Easton, Della D. Cole of Trappe, Sarah M. D´Agostino of Claiborne, Shari H. Davis of Easton, Katherine M. Dawkins of Easton, Matthew A. Dellavecchia of Easton, Adriana K. Edsall of Easton, Kara S. Erskine of Easton, Wendy L. Foreman of Easton, Laura A. Foster of Cordova, Emily C. Gannon of Cordova, Julie L. Getson of Easton, Joshua C. Haddock of Easton, Ashlea M. Hembree of Cordova, Andrea B. Howerin of Easton, Matthew L. Kelley of Easton, Jennifer L. Kennedy of Trappe, Brandi N. Lomax of Wittman, Lynne M. Lovell of Easton, Emma S. Marr of Claiborne, Jodi L. Martin of Easton, Raymond L. Mayer of Easton, Elizabeth A. McCaslin of Easton, Michelle L. Messick of Easton, Guinevere B. Milutinovich of Royal Oak, Elizabeth M. Morris of St. Michaels, Aung Z. Myint of Easton, Janine Negrete of Easton, Katy A. North of Easton, Mary E. Remaniak of Cordova, Sarah P. Richard of Cordova, Autumn A. Ronuckeo of St. Michaels., Scott A. Rosetta of Oxford, Michael E. Rucker of Easton, Lauren M. Saathoff of Easton, Laura S. Schulze of Easton, Lisa A. Secrist of Easton, Nicole L. Swann of Cordova, Cynthia G. Tallman of Easton, Andrew J. Tawney of Easton, Marcus I. Trise of St. Michaels, Carrie E. Ulrick of Easton, Lindy A. Walsh of Easton, Leanne M. Ward of Cordova, Gerard F. Welter of Trappe, Susan M. White of Easton, Regina C. Whitesell of Easton, Nicholas B. Willoughby of Trappe, and Rebecca R. Wiseley of McDaniel.


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