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Posted on Monday, September 13, 2004


At Chesapeake College, the students no longer have to find the free food. The free food finds the students.

That’s the concept behind the new "Mobile Munch and Mingle," sponsored by the college’s Student Government Association. College staff, administrators and SGA representatives are using what amounts to a Welcome Wagon on wheels to offer students light refreshments between classes as a way of welcoming them to the new semester. The mobile unit has been used at several high-traffic spots between academic buildings mornings, afternoons and evenings.

"I think it’s a good idea," said Preston resident Michelle Roberts Wednesday prior to the start of the college’s night session of classes. "It gives you a burst of energy. Some of us are coming here straight from work to go to school at night."

Amy Childs, a Chesapeake counselor who also serves as student activities director, said the SGA has sponsored munch-and-mingles for years, but always in specific buildings in the past.

" I’m glad we decided to take these on the road because we’re catching some new people," said Childs at a Wednesday morning Mobile Munch and Mingle. "In the past, there seemed to be a core group of students who came to our munch-and-mingles in the LRC (Learning Resource Center).

"I’ve seen many new faces this morning and several have commented that they wouldn’t have stopped by if we hadn’t been out in the open," said Childs.

Counselor Joan Seitzer, who is also involved with coordinating the Mobile Munch and Mingles, said these events are a good retention tool.

"If we can put a smile on the students’ faces and give them a little boost during the day, it will help them in the classroom," said Seitzer, who said MMM operators are also passing out Student Handbooks and answering student questions in addition to doling out breakfast treats in the morning and hot dogs in the evening.

Dana Edmund, a Federalsburg resident, was another of the students who stopped at the Mobile Munch and Mingle Wednesday night.

"This is great," said Edmund. "You don’t have to go looking for it (the munch and mingle event). It’s all over campus."


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