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Chesapeake College posts summer enrollment increase; fall enrollment on record pace

Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

WYE MILLS – Chesapeake College will post a double-digit enrollment increase for the Summer 2008 semester and is on pace for record fall enrollment, according to unofficial data released by the college.

The college reported 85.10 state-funded, Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) for Summer 2008 as of Tuesday, compared to 77.0 FTEs in Summer 2007, a 10.5 percent increase. Every 30 credit hours taken by students equates to one FTE, with FTE generation determining the college´s state funding.

Chesapeake´s summer headcount as of Tuesday was 646 students compared to 610 for last summer, which represents a 5.9 percent increase in headcount. The college´s summer enrollment is unofficial until frozen later this month, which could result in marginal changes, but college officials indicated their satisfaction with summer enrollment.

"We had particularly strong enrollment in the final five weeks leading up to the start of the summer semester," said Dr. Richard Midcap, the college´s vice president for student success and enrollment services. "Almost two-fifths of our summer students enrolled from May 6th to the start of the semester on June 10th, which is unusually high volume."

The fall semester, meanwhile, could produce record enrollment, based upon the college´s day-to-day tracking for that semester. The college had enrolled 1,746 students for the Fall 2008 semester, accounting for 546.07 FTE, as of July 1. That represented a 2.2 percent increase in headcount and a 3.5 percent increase in FTE compared to July 1, 2007 enrollment for the Fall 2007 semester.

Kathy Petrichenko, the college´s dean for recruitment services, said an initial review of the enrollment patterns indicates a continued surge in full-time, traditional-age students taking General Education courses.

"We´re seeing an increase in recent high school graduates in our transfer programs whose goal is to complete four-year degrees after finishing at Chesapeake, which has been the trend for the last five-to-seven years," said Petrichenko, adding that the college is also continuing to see strong enrollments in its wide array of allied health programs.

Petrichenko said individuals interested in Chesapeake´s fall schedule may use the college´s website ( to access a real-time schedule with up-to-date course section openings. Eligible students may also register online.

Students may also register in person at the Wye Mills campus and the Chesapeake College Cambridge Center, which are open in the summer from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

For more information on admissions or fall enrollment, students are asked to call (410) 822-5400, 758-1537, or 228-4360, ext. 250.


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