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Chesapeake College Announces Spring 2008 Dean´s List.

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

Caroline County: Kelly Andrew of Preston, Teresa Baker of Federalsburg, Amanda Bennett of Denton, Cindy Berkey of Denton, Kelly Bosworth of Henderson, Lauren Boyles of Preston, Danial Call of Ridgely Lynn Canade of Denton, David Clark of Denton, Tara Clark of Denton, Sharon Cole of Ridgely, Keith Dulin of Denton, Melissa Faulkner of Federalsburg, Rachel Fischer of Federalsburg, Patricia Ford of Denton, Michelle Frase of Preston, Lauren Frazier of Federalsburg, Gina Hamlin of Denton, Charles Harding of Greensboro, Allison Harper of Ridgely, Joseph Harris of Greensboro, Linda Hayward of Denton, Gabrielle Hedrick of Preston, Chrissy Heiderman of Goldsboro, Joyce Horton of Preston, Erin Howard of Federalsburg, Stephanie Ireland of Greensboro, Susan Jordan of Denton, Shane Keene of Preston, Shirley Lake of Federalsburg, Heather Lingard of Henderson, Rachel Mahar of Federalsburg, Loretta Mattingly of Greensboro, Sandra McArtor of Federalsburg, Jeffrey Miller of Greensboro, David Mitchell of Denton, Karen Monteith of Denton, Georgia Orr of Denton, Christine Overton of Greensboro, Suzanne Palguta of Preston, Dale Payne of Federalsburg, Charity Peris of Goldsboro, Christopher Pfeifer of Federalsburg, Jessica Posey of Queen Anne, Charles Poukish of Ridgely, Jaime Rehbein of Ridgely, Sara Riddleberger of Marydel, Karen Rowe of Federalsburg, Lauren Ruf of Federalsburg, Terry Scott of Federalsburg, Abigail Shaffer of Ridgely, Amy Shalaby of Federalsburg, Susan Shoemaker of Hillsboro, Joshua Stevens of Marydel, Sandra Stewart of Greensboro, Michael Terebey Greensboro, Katherine Towey of Greensboro, Christopher Turner of Denton, Brooke Walbert of Hillsboro, Amanda Watts of Greensboro, Matthew White of Federalsburg, John Wilburt of Greensboro, Amanda Wilkinson of Denton, and Amanda Wolf of Henderson.

Dorchester County: Cheryl Abrams of East New Market, Megan Bennett of Cambridge, Gracie Blackmon of Cambridge, Jenna Blake of Fishing Creek, Susannah Brooks of Cambridge, Samantha Cole of East New Market, Donielle Cusick of Hurlock, Crystal Davenport of Rhodesdale, Brandy Dawson of Toddville, Kaitlyn Didomizio of Cambridge, Michael Finley of Fishing Creek, Kaylee Hardesty of Church Creek, Christine Harding of or Rhodesdale, Krystall Hopkins of Cambridge, Renee Johnson of East New Market, Rebekah Kroeger of East New Market, Jennifer Leap of Cambridge, Susan Long of Cambridge, Barbara Marshall of Cambridge, Jeffrey McBride of Cambridge, Regina Miller of Cambridge, Shakenya Murray of Cambridge, Drexel Nelson of Cambridge, Katie Nossick of East New Market, Kimberley Palamaras of East New Market, Lauren Pokrywka of Hurlock, Tijana Rogers of Cambridge, Lasonya Sargent-Stanley of Cambridge, Katherine Slacum of Cambridge, Jessica Tieder of Taylors Island, Christa Ward of East New Market, Katie Warfield of Cambridge and Meghan Wingate of Cambridge.

Kent County: Meghan Dickerson of Massey, Angela Dowling of Rock Hall, Nathan Hollenbaugh of Chestertown, Jessica Kellogg of Galena, Brooke Kessler of Chestertown, Ashley Lill of Rock Hall, Catherine Roe of Galena, John Smith of Worton, Krystal Sutton of Worton, Leonardo Tanaka of Chestertown, Donna Voshell of Galena, Theresa Waldsburger of Galena, Jessica Waters of Chestertown, David Wright of Chestertown, Ali Zinnel of Chestertown.

Queen Anne´s County: Rebecca Anderson of Queenstown, Benjamin Baker of Millington, Rachael Baker of Millington, Brent Ballard of Grasonville, Laura Bayly of Queenstown, Elizabeth Blackwood of Grasonville, Nicole Blanchette of Grasonville, Laura Butterbaugh of Stevensville, Christina Carter of Stevensville, Kimberly Cate of Stevensville, Rachel Chambers of Centreville, Kristen Coburn of Sudlersville, Jesse Coner of Sudlersville, Phillip Connaster of Marydel, Ashley Dadds of Chestertown, Casey Dahle of Stevensville, Sarah Dilling of Stevensville, Margaret Evans of Centreville, Trevor Ewing of Stevensville, Kimberly Foster of Centreville, Brittany Gaban of Centreville, Elizabeth Gage of Grasonville, Gregory Gillin of Stevensville, Katharyn Grimes of Stevensville, Kalie Grimplin of Centreville, Lisa Heath of Chester, Edith Hibbard of Chester, Kaleb Jenkins of Chester, Amber Kemens of Stevensville, Pamela King of Church Hill, Angela Latham of Millington, Jennipher Lindyberg of Millington, Seth Love of Church Hill, Brandy Lowe of Marydel, Amber Lynch of Stevensville, Lydia Meeks of Queenstown, Maria Merkle of Chester, Theordore Mertens of Centreville, Scarlett Milliken of Centreville, Robert Nave of Centreville, Ryan Pfeiffer of Queen Anne, Brittany Pinder of Centreville, Kristin Price of Church Hill, Morgan Rhodes of Centreville, Allison Rice of Centreville, Ariane Robinson of Stevensville, Allison Russ of Centreville, Robert Sheehan of Stevensville, Jennifer Skinner of Sublersville, Debra Stone of Centreville, Heidi Sultenfuss of Sudlersville, Janet Tucker of Chestertown, Kristina Vlahos of Queenstown, Lauren Wannemacher of Stevensville, Shawn Waskey of Queen Anne, Samantha Whitelock-Germann of Queen Anne, Cierra Wilhelm of Grasonville, Jamie Williams of Chestertown, Zachary Williams of Chester, Stephanie Wise of Stevensville, Jennifer Wojciechowski of Millington, and Emily Wood of Queen Anne.

Talbot County: Judy Andrews of Cordova, Bridget Barnes of Easton, Hedley Batters of St. Michaels, April Bishop of Easton, Stephanie Blades of Easton, Sabrina Bonolis of Royal Oak, Jamie Bunting of Cordova, Shameka Cooper of Easton, Sierra Correa of Easton, Randal Coursey of Wye Mills, Jessica Cwik of St. Michaels, Kara Erskine of Easton, Jenna Ewing of Cordova, Matthew Faulkner of Easton, Laura Foster of Cordova, Kaitlin Gartner of Trappe, Barbara Gang of Wye Mills, Cynthia Greaves of Easton, Levi Haddock of Easton, Lacey Hayes of Easton, Sylvia of Easton, Shannon Heim of St. Michaels, Kathryn Jul of Easton, Francis Lee of Easton, Anna Moran of St. Michaels, Amanda Moseley of Easton, Stephen Myers of Easton, Samantha Neumann of Easton, Jeffrey Parker of Oxford, Kelley Rathell of Easton, Sarah Richard of Cordova, Amanda Rosen of Easton, Jessica Schultz of Cordova, Marc Schwartz of Easton, Brittany Shay of Trappe, Susan Shores of Trappe, Suzanne Soistman of Cordova, Emily Steedman of Cordova, Nicole Swann of Cordova, Phillip Swann of Easton, Gregory Terry of Cordova, Casey Walton of Easton, Lauren Webster of Trappe, Scarlett White of Trappe, Catherine Williams of Easton, Nicholas Willoughby of Trappe, Kathryn Wolf of Easton, Mary Wood of Queen Anne.


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