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Chesapeake College Announces Fall 2008 Dean's List.

Posted on Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WYE MILLS – Two hundred and twenty-one Mid-Shore residents were named to the Chesapeake College Dean´s List for Fall Semester 2008.

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Caroline County: Valerie Angstadt of Denton, Samantha Archer of Denton, Starr Armiger of Ridgely, Ashly Asbury of Denton, Cindy Berkey of Denton, Danial Call of Ridgely, Julia Carr of Federalsburg, Sarah Chance of Denton, David Clark of Denton, Sharon Cole of Ridgely, Melissa Collins of Federalsburg, Lauren Davis of Denton, Melissa Demir of Denton, Michelle Eason of Greensboro, Lauren Frazier of Federalsburg, Stephanie Gleockler of Preston, Jordan Glessner of Preston, Tabatha Guesfeird of Federalsburg, Kristine Hall of Ridgely, Gina Hamlin of Denton, Charles Harding of Greensboro, Linda Hayward of Denton, Henry Tyler of Denton, Joshua Hignutt of Ridgely, Katrina Johnson of Greensboro, Susan Jordan of Denton, Adrienne Knussman of Greensboro, Nicolas Lepore of Goldsboro, Christine Libby of Preston, Estrella Manchay of Ridgely, Joseph McArtor of Federalsburg, Erin Mechalske of Federalsburg, Katherine Miller of Federalsburg, Elizabeth Moran of Denton, Mary Moran of Denton, Kathleen Morehouse of Federalsburg, Gina Mueller of Federalsburg, Lauren Murphy of Bethlehem, John Northam of Preston, Suzanne Palguta of Preston, Charles Poukish of Ridgely, Heather Reed of Goldsboro, Michael Reeder of Greensboro, Sara Riddleberger of Marydel, Drew Ridgell of Denton, Karen Rowe of Federalsburg, Abigail Shaffer of Ridgely, Amy Shalaby of Federalsburg, Susan Shoemaker of Hillsboro, Crystal Spiering of Greensboro, Chad Stanley of Preston, Brittany Stoner of Greensboro, Amanda Watts of Greensboro, Deborah Weems of Preston, Brendyn Weiss of Denton, Carol Wells of Denton, Matthew White of Federalsburg, Erika Wise of Henderson, April Wolf of Henderson, and Jennifer Wrang of Federalsburg.

Dorchester County: Lashon Adams of Cambridge, James Bishop of Cambridge, William Bontrager of Worton, Joshua Brandt of Cambridge, Samantha Cole of East New Market, Tonya Colquhoun of Federalsburg, Glenda Cornish of Cambridge, Dylan Emerson of Hurlock, Tiffani Evans of Cambridge, Joseph Ewell of East New Market, Michael Finley of Fishing Creek, Jennifer Hill of Linkwood, Krystall Hopkins of Cambridge, Justin Howard of Cambridge, Kimberly James of East New Market, Renee Johnson of Hurlock, Taylor Kohn of Cambridge, Wendy Macer of Linkwood, Giovanna Maloney of Cambridge, Sandra McMullen of Vienna, David Mitchell of Cambridge, Kaitlin Mooney of Cambridge, Sarah Perry of Secretary, Shannon Philiposian of Hurlock, Jerry Rhue of Hurlock, Chelcie Robbins of East New Market, Nia Robinson of Cambridge, Tijana Rogers of Cambridge, Caitlyn Thomas of Vienna, Jessica Tieder of Taylors Island, Sheri Todd of Vienna, Parris Travers of Woolford, Mary Vasbinder of Cambridge, Shannon Wawrzeniak of Cambridge, Misty Willey of Cambridge, William Wilson of Cambridge, Julia Wright of Cambridge, Jordan Wright of East New Market, and Shelly Wright of Hurlock.

Kent County: William Bontrager of Worton, Katheryn Chance of Galena, Brandi Clark of Chestertown, Angela Dowling of Rock Hall, Kyle Durham of Galena, Marilyn Figgs of Millington, Sheryl Germann of Millington, Kelly Hurd of Worton, Kristin Kastendike of Chestertown, Jason Quinn of Massey, Sean Ranville of Millington, and Gene St. Val of Chestertown.

Queen Anne´s County: John Anderson of Stevensville, Christina Armstrong of Centreville, Brianna Baker of Grasonville, Matthew Barker of Centreville, Nicole Bianchette of Grasonville, Sue Byerly of Chestertown, Jessica Callahan of Centreville, Benjamin Cambier of Centreville, Kimberly Cate of Stevensville, Kristin Chapman of Stevensville, Phillip Connatser of Marydel, Jeffrey De Pol of Stevensville, Mara Diakoulas of Grasonville, Sarah Dilling of Stevensville, Elizabeth Draper of Centreville, Ruth Draper of Centreville, Zachary Flinko of Chester, Carole Friend of Stevensville, Elizabeth Gage of Grasonville, Devin Gardner of Grasonville, Brian Gast of Chester, Marie Claire Gervais of Chestertown, Catherine Gould of Centreville, Kari Grimplin of Centreville, Holly Grywusiewicz of Centreville, Chase Herz of Centreville, Wendy Jettmar of Centreville, Sara Jones of Marydel, Falynn Jones of Stevensville, Stephen Kelly of Centreville, John Kemp of Stevensville, Crystal Kennedy of Barclay, Elizabeth King of Church Hill, Emilee Kingsley of Queenstown, Robert Koch of Chester, Lauren Kunzi of Stevensville, Gerald Laird of Grasonville, Valerie Laird of Grasonville, Danielle Lewis of Stevensville, Kevin Little of Chester, Judith McCartney of Ingleside, Tahnee McNicholas of Stevensville, Stephen Michaels of Centreville, Taylor Mitchell of Centreville, Meghan Moore of Chestertown, Taylor Morton of Stevensville, Christina Naumowicz of Centreville, Whitney Noss of Chester, Jessica Palmen of Centreville, Verushka Perez of Barclay, Brenda Pierce of Grasonville, Lindsay Pilinski of Centreville, Steven Rausch of Centreville, Allycia Roberts of Stevensville, Charles Rush of Chestertown, Robert Sheehan of Stevensville, Shawn Smith of Chester, Kristen Spiegel of Centreville, Megan Steinbach of Chestertown, Ryan Stevenson of Stevensville, Daniel Trickey of Stevensville, Torry Wannenwetsch of Queenstown, Samantha Ward of Centreville, Alison Wickline of Stevensville, Zachary Williams of Chester, Abigail Williams of Queenstown, Jennifer Wojciechowski of Millington, Victor Woo of Millington, Emily Wood of Queen Anne, and Ashley Zajac of Queenstown.

Talbot County: Kristi Allen of Easton, Judy Andrews of Cordova, Bridget Barnes of Easton, Catherine Bosley of Trappe, Cale Bowen of Easton, Allison Briddell of St. Michaels, Jamie Bunting of Cordova, Joseph Campbell of Royal Oak, Kristin Collins of Easton, Shameka Cooper of Easton, Sierra Correa of Easton, Amanda Coulter of Easton, Jacqueline Coulter of Easton, Meredith Councell of Cordova, Nicole Dudding of Easton, Jamie Lee duHoffman of Easton, Kara Erskine of Easton, Danielle Eskridge of Easton, Jenna Ewing of Cordova, Adrianne Foster of Cordova, Kaitlin Gaertner of Trappe, Levi Haddock of Easton, Ashley Hawkins of St. Michaels, Erica Horney of Easton, Matthew Hughes of Cordova, Kathryn Jul of Easton, Jeffery Lankford of Easton, Nicole Leonard of St. Michaels, Angela Lomax of St. Michaels, June Marek of Easton, Ashleigh McDonald of Trappe, Julie Mielke of Easton, Christine Morris of Cordova, Deborah Morton Easton, Cory Ohms of Tilghman, Snehal Patel of Easton, Thomas Pisciotta of Royal Oak, Alexandra Protos of Easton, Volitta Ross of Easton, Renee Schwickrath of Tilghman, Emily Steedman of Cordova, Sara Urry of Easton, Lori Ward of Wye Mills, Lauren Webster of Trappe, Scarlett White of Trappe, Nicholas Willoughby of Trappe and Mary Wood of Queen Anne.


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