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Chesapeake College Bans Tobacco Use on Campus

Posted on Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WYE MILLS – In an effort to improve air quality and reduce litter on campus, Chesapeake College is banning the use of tobacco products on its property as of August 1st.

The college currently does not allow smoking inside or near the buildings´ doors. The ban will prohibit tobacco use anywhere on college property.

"Chesapeake has a beautiful campus, and this new policy will make our college a healthier and more pleasant place for everyone," said President Barbara A. Viniar said. "The effects of second-hand smoke are well known. When we allow smoking on campus, our employees, students and visitors are exposed to second-hand smoke."

The College Council and the Board of Trustees in late April approved a plan to ban all smoking and tobacco products on the Wye Mills campus and at the Cambridge Center.

Student Government Association President Erin Kelley said Dr. Viniar last fall approached the student representatives about a smoking ban. The president asked the student leaders to discuss a possible ban with their classmates.

"Overall, the student reactions have been positive. We all agree that a designated smoking area just wouldn´t work and that a complete ban is the only way to eliminate second-hand smoke," Kelley said. "The ban will pose a challenge for smokers, but at least they have some time to prepare. For those students who have been thinking about quitting, this might be an incentive. I think it´s great that the college is willing to help students do that."

Chesapeake is working with county health officials in the service area to bring a free smoking cessation program to campus. This program will be open to both Chesapeake employees and students. Employees and students have already expressed interest in the cessation program, according to officials.


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