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Chesapeake College students join elite honor society

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WYE MILLS – Forty-eight Chesapeake College students joined an elite academic group recently, accepting membership into Chesapeake College’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.

On an evening celebrating academic success, Chesapeake College President Barbara Viniar delivered a keynote address urging the inductees to take on leadership roles at the college and in their communities. Courageous leadership, she said, is difficult, but necessary in trying times.

"These students are ideally suited for leadership roles," Viniar said. "They’ve shown that they are willing to take on tough challenges. We need leaders who are not afraid to make changes, and who can look past the present into the future."

Gregory Farley, associate professor of biology and PTK advisor, encouraged the inductees – all whom have at least a 3.5 quality-point average at Chesapeake – to make the most of their new membership in the honor society.

PTK, the international honor society of two-year colleges, was established in 1918. It is the largest honor society in American higher education, with more than two million members and 1,200 chapters worldwide, including all 50 states.

The inductees (with home towns in parentheses) are: Vaughn L. Adams (Ridgely); Andrea L. Anderson (Hurlock); Nichole R. Askins (Cambridge); Christine Betley (Chestertown); Ryan Blanchfield (Federalsburg); Jody L. Cahall (Preston); Brittany Crawford (Cambridge); Janna E. Craze (Cambridge); Katherine L. Dodge (Cambridge); Stephen T. Donophan (Chestertown); Lori A. Dove (Chester); Kenneth C. Dudley (Denton); Neil T. Ebling (Seaford, DE); Jordin Fairbank (Tilghman); Laurissa A. Garland (Queenstown); Kristine M. Hall (Ridgely); Valerie Laird (Grasonville); Larissa A. LeClair (Towson); Brad Libby (Ridgely); Regen Linn (Queen Anne); Jessica E. Lizer (Ridgely); Joseph Luby (Easton); Wendy E. Martin (Centreville); Farah D. Mathres (Preston); Kimberly L. McGrath (Chestertown); Tammy Osborn (Barclay); Laura A. Perez (Cambridge); Rachel M. Perro (Denton); Thomas E. Pisciotta (Royal Oak); William J. Ragusa (Cambridge); Jennifer L. Roe (Ridgely); Nichole M. Simpson (Ridgely); Kristopher F. Stansberry (Stevensville); Rebecca L. Stephens (Stevensville); Kaitlyn R. Terry (Federalsburg); Kenneth E. Thalheimer (Hurlock); Amanda L. Thompson (Stevensville); Hampton M. Turner (Royal Oak); Stacie M. VanMeter (Grasonville); Alycia Vansant (Galena) Brooke Walbert (Centreville); Katie L. Warfield (Cambridge); Kayla B. Weber (Easton); Brian R. Wiltbank (Chestertown); April M. Wolf (Henderson); Jermaine D. Woolford (Cambridge) and Mary B. Woolford.


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